John Master Organics - Styling - NOW at Kasia!

Kasia Organic Salon NOW CARRIES JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS styling products!

We're addicted!   We have now filled any "holes" Hamdi could not fill for your styling needs.

...The  Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment promotes volume and hair growth...and is my favorite.

Our second favorite?  The Bourbon Vanilla and Tangerine Texturizer!

18481-100.jpgJohn Masters - Shine On Leave-In Treatment • organic kelp creates incredible shine, volume and softness • gives a natural looking shine without weighing hair down • does not leave oily build up on the hair shaft, which leads to dullness • contains no petroleum-based silicone • great for all hair types, even fine hair • to add shine and volume to dull, limp hair • excellent leave-in hair treatment to strengthen and fortify hair

jmasters.brb.van.tan.text.1.jpgJohn Masters - Bourbon Vanilla & Tangerine Hair Texturizer

An extra strength hair pomade that's perfect for shaping hair into any style desired, from spiky to smooth. Adds amazing texture to hair, leaving it soft and shiny, not greasy or stiff.

Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment jmasters.deep.scalp.treat.1.jpg

A leave in topical solution that promotes healthy hair growth by improving the condition of the scalp and papilla (roots). A unique combination of organic herbs, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, seaweed, essential oils, and vitamins work to insure intake, balance sebum production, and eliminate free radicals. The result is an optimal scalp condition and healthy hair! Dry Hair Nourishment & Defrizzer

A 100% blend of pure plant and essential oils chosen for their protective, moisturizing and restorative properties. A "leave-in" treatment, it's been proven excellent for dry and frizzy hair. As well as a theraputic scalp tonic. jojoba oil, helio-carrot oil, squalene, evening primrose oil, essential oils of lavender, cedar and rosemary

masters.sea.mist.salt.spry.lavender.9oz.1.jpgJohn Masters - Sea Mist - Sea Salt Spray with Lavender

Now every day can be a day at the beach. Simply spray desired amount on hair for that extra body and wave you love at the ocean. Essential oil of lavender helps to protect the hair and combat the natural drying effects of sea salt. Masters - Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel

This new Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel is an alcohol-free formula full of body-building nutrients. The improved formula has stronger holding power, leaving your hair feeling thicker, never flaky.

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