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Common Questions on

ammonia vs. ammonia-free dyes:

Q. I would like to color my hair more often but am afraid of the effects from chemicals:

A. It is rightly a concern because many consumers experience tearing, headache, scalp irritation, breathing discomfort, etc., during and after coloring services.  This is mostly due to the effect of ammonia.

Q. Do all hair dyes contain ammonia?

A. A strong alkaline like ammonia is needed to open the cuticle layer for the depositing of dye pigments in permanent color.  It is also a catalyst in the dye development process.  Ammonia is a very harsh chemical that is the root cause of dryness, roughness and pre-mature fadage in colored hair.

Q. Are there hair dyes that are ammonia-free?

A. Ethanolamine (MEA) is used in many semi- or demi-permanent colors for its lower alkalinity and odorless properties.  Some salons apply heat to these colors to achieve a somewhat more permanent effect but predictably with less than satisfactory results.  MEA is not safer than ammonia because it is a toxicant and a carcinogen (Environmental Working Group).

Q. Are there ammonia-free permanent colors?

A. There are a handful of ammonia-free permanent brands.  It is formulated by tripling the amount of ethanolamine as in its demi cousins.  However, these products are very dangerous due to the high MEA content and its carcinogenic properties.  MEA also has a high tendency to stick to the hair, which leads to dullness and off-tone fadage after prolong usage.

Q. Why is Kasia’s coloring service so unique?

A. Kasia uses a hair dye that does not contain either ammonia or ethanolamine.  It is the safest and most gentle product available.  There is zero damage to the hair, which leads to vibrant and long lasting color with perfect gray coverage and natural shine.

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