Changing Views of The Safe Cosmetics Act 2010

When I first started working with chemists 3 years ago, I was a proud signer of the  Safe Cosmetics Datatbase.   While I still stand by many of their articles, and much of there studies, I can see a common thread to many exposed thoughts around my field. You, and I must always thinking critically and empirically.  Who wrote it? What is the motive?  What is the backing of the research and other truth that surround it?

Yes, I DO believe cosmetics could and should be safer, and cosmetics labeling in the USA DO need more transparency. Safety can always be improved in any field, especially in the light of new scientific data, but SCA 2010 over-reaches what is needed to such an extent that, with the possible exception of distilled water, I cannot think of any cosmetic ingredient that would be acceptable under its terms.

Back from the Fall of the Roman Empire as the Grain Tax came from government, this is example of how the Government now rules the Free Market. This is how the "best for all mankind" will come into the personal care industry and regulate ALL and put many true capitalistic entrepreneurs OUT of business.

To bring in the other side, take your time to read about others comments on the .....

The Safe Cosmetics Act 2010

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Quoted from Personal Care Truth Website: A Campaign Against Campaigns, Or One in Particular

The “Campaign for Safe Cosmetics” (CFSC) is a misnomer. It is NOT a campaign for safe cosmetics. It is a part of the political lobbying process engaged in by the Environmental Working Group, amongst others. In other words it is part of Ken Cook’s ragbag army of professional lobbyists (one of whom actually lobbies for an oil company), career  anarchists, and a large number of well-meaning, but naive, dreamers. They rely on misinformation, disinformation and downright lies in order to scare the ordinary consumer.

I find the existence of a campaign for SAFE cosmetics an abhorrent insult to the rest of the industry, as the implication is that, if you are not a signatory to this campaign, you neither care about the safety of cosmetic products and the products you produce may not be safe. There is an insufferable smugness about the CFSC – a “we are right, and everyone else is wrong” kind of attitude. It is unfortunate that, in fact, it is the CFSC that is wrong.

How can I make this bold claim?  Read the rest HERE.

What do you think? I would love to hear your view!

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