Maintenance Free Kasia Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to have the appearance of clean hair without investing the time necessary to achieve it. Let’s face it: washing hair takes time. It’s not just about spending the 2 minutes or so it takes to lather and rinse… once you get your hair wet, you then have to dry it, and in most cases, style it as well. This can become rather tedious day after day. Thankfully, you can skip all of those steps and save a lot of time by using a little-known product called dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is a specially formulated powder that gives hair a clean appearance and fresh feeling. It absorbs the excess oil that leaves hair looking greasy between washings. All you have to do is apply the “shampoo” to your hair and then brush it through. The result is soft-looking, lightly fragranced hair and a few more days before you have to get out the liquid shampoo.

Another benefit of powder shampoo is that it adds some volume to your hair. Hair that hasn’t been washed for several days not only looks greasy but also rather lifeless. By brushing in some dry shampoo, volume is instantly created. A bit of dry shampoo can help give a little bit of body and create the illusion of freshly blow-dried hair. The fragrance can help mask smoke and sweat odors as well.

This type of shampoo is very convenient to use on oily hair in a pinch, but it is not a long-term substitute for washing your hair the traditional way with regular shampoo and water. It is intended only to extend the time between washings, not replace them. Most people need to wash their hair the regular way at least once per week, and on the days in between.

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Reference: Dry shampoo guide

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