The vicious cycle of Silica + SLS and your hair!

Are you experiencing dry hair?  Limp with excess frizz?Do your hair products contain Silica or sodium laurel sulphate (SLS)  ?

Does this sound familiar?  The cycle of hair washing goes like this........

  • we shampoo our hair because it is dirty
  • the SLS in the shampoo strips the hair and scalp of natural oils so both are dry and hair is flyaway or frizzy
  • we use conditioner with silica to reduce the frizziness created by the SLS
  • the silica builds up on our hair leaving it feeling a bit flat and dull looking
  • and start all over again, never getting the results we want so change products always looking for something that will give us healthy, shiny hair

Well this is the  story of many of our new clients anyway!  When you invest in a good natural or organic shampoo & conditioner for at least a month, it can take time to really see results when moving away from SLS and silica. Regardless, do yourself a favor and ditch the sodium laurel sulphate.

The Kasia Team suggests:

Free of petrochemicals, parabens, synthetics, and colors. Ideal for colored hair and suitable for all hair types.  We use simple “beautiful health” ingredients you can trust with your hair and body and safe for the whole family.

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