Green Tea Aids Weight Loss, Belly Fat, and more!

Here is good news for everyone as we recover from the holiday season. Not only is organic green tea an excellent anti-cancer nutrient,  but it is also beneficial for weight loss. The American Journal of College Nutrition reported in 2010 that four cups of green tea, daily for eight weeks is excellent for fat burning. Thirty-five obese subjects found that this amount significantly decreased body weight and body mass index (BMI). Green tea also improved the subjects’ cholesterol readings and reduced the oxidation of blood fats, which is a marker of aging. Last year, another study in the Journal of Nutrition found that a daily dose of 625 green tea catechins (an active ingredient) with 40 mg of caffeine enhanced weight loss and lowered blood fats (triglycerides) when combined with 25 minutes of daily exercise.

Specifically, it was fat around the belly that experienced the greatest reduction. This makes sense because high insulin is a prime contributor to belly fat, and green tea extract helps to balance insulin function and production. Insulin is produced by the pancreas to push glucose (sugar) from the blood into our cells. If cells become immune to insulin’s action, which often occurs, this results in excess insulin in the blood. In women, when insulin is elevated, it causes a further increase in male hormones. Classic symptoms of elevated insulin and male hormones include excess middle weight gain, acne, male-pattern facial hair growth (e.g. hair above the lip and on the chin), skin tags, diabetes and pre-diabetes.  (Reference: Lorna Vanderhaeghe)

Cherry Lemongrass Bloom Sencha:  Green Tea

Partner in PROMOTING Healthy Skin & Wrinkles Prevention!

The following benefits are derived from the antioxidant flavonoids and polyphenols, preventing free radicals.  Green tea finds and terminates these free radicals and helps promote healthy, smooth skin.

Health benefits attributed to Kasia Cherry Lemongrass Bloom Sencha:  Green Tea

  • prevention of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
  • prevention of strokes.
  • preventing cancers and reduction of tumors.
  • strengthening the immune system.
  • help in the treatment of diabetes.
  • aid in weight loss efforts.
  • repairing skin damage.
  • fight tooth decay.
  • Fights rheumatoid arthritis.
  • lower stress.
  • protects the liver and kidneys.

Small Batch * Artisan * Fair Trade  *  50 cups per 4 oz tin

Kasia is committed, in partnership, to Fair-trade and Artisan practices to bring you ingredients that are designed and hand-blended in small batches by companies that are operated and owned by families carrying on time-honored traditions, ensuring freshness and one-of-a-kind quality.  Completely natural with no artificial coloring, preservatives or flavoring. Dried fruit pieces, nuts, herbal tisanes, and botanicals add amazing flavor and aroma.

Loose Leaf Tea VS Bagged Tea:

Loose leaf teas simply offer the best variety, quality, and freshness. “When you are buying a bagged tea, the tea is obscured by the bag. Many low quality teas (even ‘tea dust’) are sold in bags so that you don’t realize the quality, and are subject to going stale faster than loose leaf tea.”

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