Essential Nutrients for your hair and skin with antioxidants, cold pressed oils and fatty acids

  Our hair and skin are the fingerprint of what’s going on inside your body because it is one of the 4 exit doors for waste along with bowel, Kidneys, and Lungs. Depending on your diet, age, exercise habits, sun exposure, and your personal lifestyle.

Underneath the epidermis is the dermis, leaving a matrix of collagen, elastic tissue, and  fibers.  Sagging skin, slow hair growth and deep wrinkles can occur when there is a breakdown in your inner structural  layers from free radical damage.

Restore Hair Oil and Renew Facial Serum minimize the damage done to your hair and skin with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and essential fatty acids.

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Antioxidants give you the anti aging protection against the diseases and help slow down the aging process of your skin, cells, tissues and organs. The main antioxidants found in food include vitamins A, C and E, the minerals selenium and zinc and all of the phytonutrient carotenoids.  Antioxidants keep free radicals from ravaging your body and stealing the life from your cells.

Critics used to claim there was no evidence that topically based products affected skin aging. Over the years, a remarkable number of published studies have proven these skeptics wrong! Science clearly substantiates the role that free radicals play in causing skin aging and the fact that topically applied antioxidants confer significant protection and can even partially reverse some aspects of skin aging. Indeed, various animal and human studies have proven that low molecular weight antioxidants, especially vitamins C and E, as well as alpha-lipoic acid exert protective effects against free radical damage (oxidative stress) (Podda et al. 2001).

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids offer anti aging benefits to dry skin, hair, and nails.   EFA's will give your body the nutrients it needs for smooth, glowing skin and healthy hair and is even known to help balance hormones.

Fatty Acid (Omega 3) anti-aging benefits and reduction may be directly linked to cell inflammation. They help to keep the cells healthy and reduce the inflammation that may occur in the cell when omega 6 levels are too high. Internally the most commonly consumed source of omega 3 fatty acids are salmon, mackerel, linseeds, flax seeds, spinach, walnuts, brazil nuts, pecans, egg yolks, canola oil, linseed / flaxseed oil.

Sunflower oil (comprised in Kasia Restore Hair Oil) contains fatty acids and are essential to hair health and effective in preventing hair loss from male and female pattern baldness and alopecia areata.

Enjoy the effects of anti-inflammatory, free radical fighting, and  lipid rich solutions in Restore and Renew for your skin and hair!


Free radicals are molecules with an unpaired electron seeking another electron. They travel through the body seeking out healthy cells and breaking them down. This process is referred to as Oxidation and the damage it causes is known as Oxidative Stress. It has been linked to a number of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and certain forms of cancer.


Free radicals are produced in the body when it is physically excerted. They also come from pollutants and toxins in the air and water, toxins, smoking, and an unhealthy diet.


Antioxidants help the body fight back and repair itself from the inside out. They give the free-radicals the electron they are looking for to prevent them from stealing them from healthy cells. Antioxidants have the ability to reduce free-radical stress and promote healthy by assisting in preventing illnesses and chronic health problems.

Enjoy the effects of anti-inflammatory, free radical fighting, and  lipid rich solutions in Restore and Renew for your skin and hair!

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