Safety Issues of Hair Color Products and 'PPD'

"In Short...."

Much to our clients' surprise, hair dyes may actually further their hair loss or aggravate existing hair and scalp disorders. The reason is that most professional hair color products contain loads of harsh chemicals such as peroxide, ammonia and p-phenylenediamine that can wreak serious damage to our hair and scalp and cause hair loss.

In recent articles written about hair color damaging ingredients, there is a chemical that causes the most concerns among people, which is PPD aside from MEA and ammonia.

Synonyms or components of p-Phenylenediamine:

Paraphenylenediamine Para-aminoaniline (p-aminoaniline)

PPD         PPDA

1,4-Benzenediamine        Orsin™

1,4-Penylenediamine       Ursol™ D

Rodol™ D              Paradiaminobenzene

What is p-Phenylenediamine:

p-Phenylenediamine is a dark dye used extensively in permanent hair dyes, certain dark colored cosmetics as well as temporary skin tatoos. Contact of this substance with your skin may result in dermatitis as well as other skin disorders.

Oxford_Hairdresser Study

This important study published in the Oxford Journals Annals of Occupational Hygiene chronicles the habits of hairdressers when using hair color, and documents the presence of hazardous para-phenylenediamine on hairdressers hands throughout the process, even when using gloves. Suggestions for better occupational hygiene when working with hair dyes and changes to work routine are featured in the report.


Hair Dye Use and Lymphoma

This article posted on WebMD Health News suggests that long-term use of dark, permanent dye may raise lymphoma risk. Research shows that long-term use of permanent hair dye -- in dark colors -- doubles a person's risk of certain blood cancers.
Products used in the great majority of nationwide salons contain a wide range of toxic ingredients, including carcinogens, hormonal ingredients, and allergens," said Dr. Epstein, adding, "Exposure to them poses hidden dangers to clients, and much more so their stylists."

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