Hair Health's Leading Factors.

Many things can affect the quality and health of your hair, such at what you eat, your stress level,  health, over washing, and a myriad of other factors. But when it comes down to the bottom line your hair needs two things to be healthy:

Protein and Moisture.

If you have any curl or wave to your locks,  you may notice that your hair can "frey" and dry easily. More often times than not,  wavy hair types need that extra bit of care  when it comes to moisture.

Many of our guests try to "get by" with what they may already have at home, but the best thing to do is correctly stock up on some key products.   Our recently launched RESTORE OIL is first in line for hair and scalp salvation!  Restore is filled with cold pressed organic oils fortified  with moisture to enrich the quality of your hair.

If your hair (of any type)  is extremely dry from damage (be it, environmental, heat, or chemical damages), I strongly suggest picking up Kasia Restore Hair Oil, as well as look at our other few options.  Remember, you need very little bit when  done in the right way.

Come in and check out Kasia 'restoring' products  today!


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