Hair Tip: Conquering Oily Hair

  A majority of women wash their hair everyday because they have oily hair or want to “feel clean.”  This works for the short term, but for many of us who color our luscious locks, this easily results in the dramatically shortened lifespan of our color’s quality, as well as dry out the hair from over cleansing.  Kasia Organic Salon uses a color line that cuts down fading immensely, but a too many scrubs has an effect.


So how do you maintain less oily hair without losing your color?


YES, as your stylist has probably told you all along, the answer is to wash your hair LESS. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash your hair ever, and by no means take this to mean you shouldn’t take showers (please take showers!). Slowly weaning yourself off of washing your hair everyday with signal to the sebaceous gland in the follicles to produce less sebum.


This will protect your color from fading, your cuticle being stripped of it’s natural oils to produce healthy hair grown, and and your hair from being over cleansed.


Also check out our Kasia Dry Shampoo which will help lift out excess oils and products to give you that great just showered feeling in between washings.  Shampoo’s without harsh surfactants or SLS is also very important, along with a conditioner with efficient hydrolyzed proteins to repair the hair.

For more great tips, just visit your Kasia Organic Salon experts with your questions!

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