Clients RAVE about Kasia Express Keratin Treatment!

You like to think you're in "good condition" ... but truly under the flat iron those frazzled locks need some extra lovin' to make that come true. Improve that condition, with your Kasia Stylist with our QUICK Semi De-Frizz Keratin Treatment. This revolutionary conditioning therapy puts damper on your frizz while strengthing the hair.  The more you do - the better the shape your hair is!   Keratin is sealed into your hair, and you instantly get amazing shine, and silkiness. Clients are raving over this quick treatment that makes hair more manageable, smoother, faster to dry and easier-to-style.   (* A more permanent smoother is also available)

NEW Express Keratin Treatment at Kasia!

Take a small bit of your time  to go deep down to reconstruct your stressed, dry or damaged hair with protein, moisture, strength and shine.

Appointment time frame for the busy Informed Beaute'

Wash * Deep Condition * Apply Keratin Protein and Style! 45 minutes for full treatment  & only an extra 15 minutes if added to a color!

Frizzy and dry hair needs a deep Conditioner for moisture teamed up with a  high concentrations of protein, amino acids and other essential nutrients in order to build and protect. The results are long lasting but not permanent. The more often you use it, the more beautiful your hair will be.

Kasia Express Keratin Treatment –

This professional, semi-permanent service creates smooth, shiny texture through a enriching, chemical free, and deposit-only process.  Results last 7 to 10 shampoos. It’s the go-to solution if you are seeking a sleeker look without the commitment returns to its original texture.

**This $50 treatment lasts for two to three weeks and takes 45-60 minutes.   Add a treatment to your hair color (additional 15 minutes) and receive 35% OFF!


Relaxing Keratin Treatments

The new  relaxing curl  and de-frizz treatment is 100% formaldehyde free. We promise!

There has been a lot of underlying controversy surrounding the Brazilian Keratin treatment.

Formaldehyde-based Smoothing Treatments contain fumes from the treatments are unhealthy to both the guest and the stylists administering the service. I (Kassie, Owner of Kasia)  have talked to two chemists to truly understand the issue of ingredients, as well as looked at many of the current lines available. I’ve found two thus far that meet a standard of safe use at Kasia Organic Salon.  Our commitment is to continuously seek any “better or cleaner” product  for our guests.

Many Salons claim their product is best for your hair. Some companies even claim they are formaldehyde free when in fact, they are not.   Kasia promises to bring you truth and the research to back up our educated decisions of services materials.

Call to make an appointment today!  612 824 7611

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