Full and Center Trend in Kim Kardashian's Bun!

  Minnesota's native Kris Humphries new love, Kim Kardashian has been highly noticed around the Eden Prairie Costco and Twin Games as she warms up to her soon to be hubby's stomping ground.  She is definitely known for her thick and rich hair, and if you notice she usually wears down with a center part.  Looking forward to her wedding "doo" - do you think it will be up or down, center part or side?

"Ok, this blog is far from idolizing Kim, but it is to pull  the current trend in hair right now.  Did you catch it? 

Center Parts and Buns!    Use these tips:

  • Prep your towel dried hair prior to washing and conditioning with Hamadi Shea Leave in Cream or Kasia Restore Oil.
  • Using a larger bristle round brush, blow dry the hair making sure to elevate the sections above the part for root volume.   Use  Onesta's  Volumizing Mousse on the roots if your is extra thick or dense.
  • Using a larger barrel curling iron, take larger vertical sections and slightly twist them. Start the curl near the root for lift and then roll the section horizontally making sure the ends are wrapped all the way into the curling iron.
  • Allow the curls to cool and separate lightly  with a  comb.
  • Spray with Simply Organic Hair Spray for a finish

Buns are quick and easy as it only takes a hairband and a few bobby or hairpins to secure. This type of style is fabulous for summer wedding hair or a simply solution to a casual maxi dress: bonus: it accentuates the bare neck, decollete and shoulders. Center parts are great because its a fast fix to elongate the face shape and in some cases it can visually accentuate hair length as well.


Photo Credit: Emerson Salon

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