What is Lifestyle Ageing?

  Wrinkles can be caused in a number of different ways. Twin studies verify that lifestyle choices can cause a significant difference in the appearance and wrinkling of the skin. In fact the argument can be made that while we cannot control our chronological age – we can control lifestyle aging to a significant degree. In other words LIFESTYLE AGING is the area in which we can make most impact in regard to our skin's appearance, particularly when it comes to premature aging.

How does aging effect your skin?  There are two basic types of skin aging.

Intrinsic and extrinsic, or in simpler language .....  chronological and lifestyle/environmental. 

Intrinsic aging  is how the skin ages chronologically or biologically in relation to age. Biological aging includes processes like, the slowing of collagen production, enzymes which attack collagen and elastin and the loosening over time of the dermal/epidermal junction. Most creams target this type of aging, largely ignoring extrinsic aging factors.

Extrinsic aging  is caused by environmental and lifestyle factors – and exactly what Kasia Organics Skin Care addresses. Lifestyle Aging can happen as a result of stress, diet, excess sugar, UV damage, smoking, pollution and so on. It is important to be aware and devoted to lifestyle aging and the environmental factors which cause us to age, targeting the cause as well as the symptom.

With a holistic approach to anti-aging at Kasia, we focus on each person and the significance of everyone ages differently for different reasons.



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