BIG BAR Soaps **NEW & Handmade

Lavish in our  Au-Naturale  handmade  artisan soaps  imparted withscent and healing properties of nature into every HUGE 7 oz bar.

Wash your troubles away with our lasting BIG BAR!

Leave as fresh as it feels when you walk into Kasia Organic Salon.....FRESH  and EUPHORIC.....  We encourage our guests and friends to be empowered through  their personal awareness and self-love by experiencing their own favorite REAL scents for the hair and body to carry them throughout their week.

 Scent Blends 

 Clove and Oatmeal Vanilla    Clove   Bergamot Litsea  Peppermint Mints n' Cocoa-     Peppermint      Spearment        Cocoa Absolute


Made by nature:

Avocado oil Organic Hempseed oil Coconut oil Italian Olive oil Wildcrafted Shea butter Palm oil Plant infusions Pure Essential Oils

Our Promise:  Our natural soaps are crafted using natural herbs, nutrients, and natural exfoliants with 100% pure essential oils. These completely handmade natural soaps contain no artificial colors or fragrances.

Feel the LOVE.....

Our bodies interpret Our 100% pure essential oils and synthetic fragrances (the nasty boy's) differently.  Mother Nature's output will communicate through our nervous systems, bridging soothing  eucalyptus to your eyes, lemon to your stomach, and clove t your heart, etc.  Experience the  CAUSE & EFFECT  of your unique DNA.   Can you feel it?

Not your average BAR, Kasia's handmade specialty is cut into a HUGE 7 oz. indulgence.   Warning: Husband and kids are to be questioned if your BIG BAR is no where to be found.

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