Last Minute Holiday Special!

1.)  Yuletide in our last minute 10% OFF KasiaHoliday Special on our NEW Products!!

2.)  Schedule a Color / Cut last mintue and receive 15% OFF! (Layne, Chelsea, and Mackenzie)

*NEW  HUGE 7oz Hand Blended Soaps ("yes...real chocolate") *NEW Bath and Body Polish ...exfoliate *NEW   So-luxe Bath and Body Oil ...infused with Arnica and moisture. Throw out your lotions!


Naturally -  Polish your Skin

Kasia Body Polish Combo's


FORTIFY  Lavender & Lemongrass

Enliven    Bergamot & Lime

Nature at it’s best, guaranteed to make your bath or shower an extraordinary aromatic experience.

Exfoliation is the key to keeping your skin refreshed and renewed.

Kasia’a Polish removes dead skin cells and helps improve blood circulation, while promoting cell renewal.

Bring the spa home with Kasia Body Polish made with moisturizing infused ingredients made by nature.   Our body polish can be used in either the tub or shower to improve, refine, brighten, clean and detoxify the skin. We didn’t forget  ruminating pure  essential oils that help rejuvenate skin while providing relaxing or uplifting aromatic experience.


Silky So-Lux Beauty Oil

Kasia Body Oil Combo's


Harmonize Rose Geranium

Fortify Lavender and Lemongrass

100% natural and infused body oils.   Complete your bathing ritual with GRACE and grease-free  while you infuse your newly exfoliated skin (“mmmm”….Kasia Body Salt Scrubs…)  adding  moisture,  vitamins, and plant oil bliss deep into your skin.

Rituals for all!  Great for a sweetheart massage, add to your bath or keep it in your shower for after you lather! The oils molecular weight will penetrate easily with freshly cleansed skin and open pores with a  long lasting scent. I can hear your skin saying it now….” I love you!”


Wash your troubles away with our lasting BIG BAR!

 Scent Blends 


 Clove and Oatmeal Vanilla    Clove   Bergamot Litsea  Peppermint Mints n’ Cocoa-     Peppermint      Spearment        Cocoa Absolute

Lavish in our  Au-Naturale  handmade  artisan soaps  imparted with scent and healing properties of nature into every HUGE 7 oz bar.

Leave as fresh as it feels when you walk into Kasia Organic Salon…..FRESH  and EUPHORIC…..  We encourage our guests and friends to be empowered through  their personal awareness and self-love by experiencing their own favorite REAL scents for the hair and body to carry them throughout their week.

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