Hair Loss ... Not Always Genetic

Hey there Informed Beauties!  If there is one consistent and growing conundrum out there, it's the complex topic of hair loss.  I see it every day in my salon chair, so let's shed some light on this problem that truly can be overcome with dedication and  diligence! Common Hair Loss Question:

"I went to a dermatologist who told me I had female pattern baldness and that there was nothing I could do other than use Rogaine twice a day. Is this my only option?"


I have shared frustrations with many worried woman and the topic of hair loss in my salon chair.  Those of my clients that have sought a "whole--istic" approach have seen great results. We've been able to set them up with Functional Medicine testing, great hair products, and supplemental nutritional products to help from the inside- out.

I also add that there are a small percentage of clients that simply have their genetic DNA going against them.  With that said, the  majority of women presenting patterned hair thinning show (in my opinion),  an acquired pattern alopecia due to the cascading affects metabolic/hormonal disturbance within a number of body systems.

This is caused by a few things, including  low iron, low thyroid, not enough protein, stress which causes low thyroid, and autoimmune disease, and medications.

Suggested Steps to re-growth.......

  1. Knowing I need to practice what I preach.... Informed Beaute's need to truly be pro-active in de-stressing your life.  Make those around you aware of this!
  2. Eat more protein.  As women age, we loose metabolic function, hormones go on default, etc. Unless one receives complete chains of amino acids for the body to quick use and uptake......the lethargy continues stealing from areas needed to function healthy hormones, energy, memory, etc.
  3. Take a multivitamin and other supportive supplements.  To mention:  I love Premier Research Labs:  B Complex, Adaptogens, Calcium/Magnesium, Vitamin D, Minerals/Pink Salt, digestive enzymes and HCL.  I've seen this "package" make strides for clients.
  4. Get your hormones tested!  All women young and old need a baseline.
  5. Make sure your TSH is below 2.0 
  6. Make sure your ferritin is between 40 and 70.Lifestyle and Liver HealthAn ATP-deprived liver is ‘sluggish’ & readily overloaded when a woman is taking hormone therapy (contraceptive or HRT medication), consumes some daily alcohol, lack of nutrition. These combined substances occupy the total capacityof the liver’s Phase I detoxification pathway, & the liver’s ability to process other substances such as the body’s own hormone by-products or other toxins is progressively impaired – ultimately resulting hormonal disturbance & cellular toxicity.Successfully treating women for hair loss problems requires careful review of their medical, nutritional, hormonal & lifestyle history undertaken in an organized & sequential way. This provides  a clearer representation of what other areas are influencing the primary problem, & treating the causeof the condition rather than just the symptoms can then be undertaken.NOTE!  The discipline is important because it truly takes time to reverse hair loss and in most cases can take up to 6 months.   May you see the value of your Beautiful Health........and enjoy those new baby hairs on the come back!   Dont give up.

Love and Support......   Kassie

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