Chinese Medicine transition support for springtime metabolism, hormones, and more!


It’s springtime and there are transformations happening all around us as life and the synergy beneath us is undergoing a process of awakening and renewal. Most of us identify spring as uplifting with freshness, but forget this is the season that has a considerable impact on our mind, body and emotions.   According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), spring is represented by the wind element and it is that time of the year when our body is most susceptible to wind-cold imbalances that mostly affect the liver and gall bladder. Problems like depression, hepatitis and vernal catarrh (allergic conjunctivitis or ‘pink eye’) are believed to stem from these imbalances.

  The liver is the primary cleansing and detoxifying organ of the body that regulates blood circulation, hormones, metabolism, digestion and subsequently our emotions too. In women, it may affect the menstrual cycle and reproductive health. The function of the gall bladder is to secrete bile and assist the liver in all its functions to ensure the smooth flow of energy throughout the body. Experts believe that the health of the liver and gall bladder can affect our decision-making abilities and have an impact on the quality of life.

  TCM also theorizes that anger and depression are the dominant emotions during spring that are increased by rapid changes in the weather, environment and length of the days. These changes interfere with the levels of the hormone melatonin in our body resulting in mood swings and temper problems. You may be suffering from an imbalance if you experience one or more of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Dry, watery or itchy eyes
  • Inadequate sleep or disturbed sleep patterns
  • Irregular bowel movement
  • A feeling of fullness or bloating
  • Chest congestion
  • Menstrual irregularities or severe PMS symptoms
  • Mild to severe depression
  • Anger
  • Frequent emotional outbursts and restlessness

Aim in strengthening your immunity, purging the body of toxins and maintaining emotional balance.

Essential oils can help achieve this goal. Here are some essential oils that are perfect for the season:



Massage Kasia Foritfy Body Oil all over your body once a day!

Here is why this fantastic massage oil works:

Lavender and Lemongrass

Essential Oils promote lymphatic drainage, improve circulation and release excess fluids and toxins. This takes care of any water retention and you feel lighter and more energized.

Add some Orange Essential Oil around the stomach region and  enhance the function of the liver, encourages the flow of bile and aids fat metabolism.



Geranium Essential Oil supports the adrenal cortex and helps take care of hormonal imbalances.

Clary Sage Essential Oil has a calming effect on the mind and alleviates depression and irritability during PMS.

Lavender Essential Oil helps to maintain a positive state of mind and keep your mood cheerful and upbeat.



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