Favorite Moisturizing Lip Treatment for Spring!

 Baci • Baci Award Winner Moisturizing Lip Sheer

What do sassy "Informed Beauty's" look for  in a lip gloss?   Rich, natural ingredients,  just enough color, and great shine, but not too sticky - no lady wants to catch fly away hairs on their lips.

Set down your "Carmex" and  pick up a Baci ..... it  is also extremely conditioning. In fact it has the benefits of a lip treatment.

No goo in your purse.  The applicator is a simple "click" pen concept  that pushes  the color through the wand into the brush.  You click a few times and the color will come through into the brush applicator.

With all the color choices, there is a perfect match for every skin tone for day or night!

WE LOVE that the Baci's have the  ingredient  Sodium Hyaluronate.  This ingredient creates a barrier that lets moisture lock into the lips, even if the color has faded and you haven't had a chance to reapply.


Baci • Baci Moisturizing Lip Sheer takes mineral lip colour to a new lip finish.

Sodium hyaluronate creates a moisture barrier and promotes long term treatment and conditioning for the lips and just happens to be colour. The silver click pen, with brush applicator, makes application line defining.

  • Developed as a treatment for the lips, formulated with anti-oxidants
  • Sodium hyaluronate creates a moisture barrier for the lips
  • All naturale, organic, vitamins A, C & E, flower extracts and other botanicals create an extraordinary texture
  • Anti-aging properties are enhanced by the presence of collagen
  • The mineral pigments are so refined the colour flows over the lips with a gloss sheen

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