Newsletter: Meet our NEW Team Members, Pedicures, and Kasia Organics a New MN Local Favorite!

A 'Beautiful Health' evolution is a constant at Kasia, take note! 

What's NEW!

We're so thrilled to introduce our incredible new team members at Kasia Organic Salon!  Learn more about Lauren and Stacey below.....

Chemical FREE Pedicures! We are currently turning our Infrared Sauna Room into a private, two chair pedicure room!  We hope to have this up and running in 2 weeks!  Stand by....

It's summer and a perfect time to bring you a hair smoothing and straightening treatment that is safe, natural, and with no nasty chemicals to hide.

Sick of your frizz?  No time to blow dry?  It's perfect for the season, and gives multiple options of just how smoooooooth you want to be!



Don't forget to book your June appointments!  Graduations and weddings are here, and the schedules are filling fast.  Call 612.824.7611

We strive for you to flourish like a spring blooming flower .....  both inside and out.   


 Welcome Lauren and Stacey! to make your experience at Kasia even better!




The most exciting aspects of my job at Kasia are promoting our AMAZING in-house brand of luxurious, non-toxic products, along with the fact that I get to work with an incredibly fun, talented, and warm group of people.

My goal as the assistant manager is to ensure that our clients always enjoy the best service and experience possible, as well as to be a go-to source for people who want to learn more about the many wonderful health-promoting products and services we proudly offer at Kasia. -  Lauren, Assistant Manager


I have been in the beauty skin care business for ten years and have worked with various skin care and makeup lines. My philosophy when it comes to treating the skin is to nurture and take care if it as well as the body with ingredients that are safe and good for you. I am excited to join the Kasia team because Kasia represents all that is good in the beauty business. We take a healthy and ethical approach to skin, hair, and makeup.

All of our products are non-toxic, organic, and hand made with a special, personal touch.  In my services I like to work closely with my clients to provide an incredibly personalized treatment that will deliver results and be extremely relaxing.

It's great to work in an environment where everyone is so passionate in their art. It is inspiring to be around and reflects greatly in the services that we provide at Kasia.

- Stacey, Skin Care Specialist 


Kasia Organics BUZZ

Thank you to Elizabeth at Beauty Bets Blog for loving and featuring our Honey-Dip Sunless Tanner!


The Best (Natural) Self-Tanner Ever?
-Elizabeth D & Beauty Bets Blog


It's that time of year again. I've slathered myself in every cream, gel and spray I could get my hands on to bring you this self-tanner report. Only instead of a roundup, I've got just one: Kasia Organic Salon's Honey-Dip Sunless Tanner ($26). The  ingredients, scent and results are beyond gorgeous. Coconut oil and shea butter make it impossibly moisturizing (and far underpriced), while Kasia's healthy standards mean it's free of petro-chemicals, parabens, glycols and other preservatives. I've NEVER smelled a self-tanner that doesn't smell like self-tanner, let alone one that smells like honey buns, fresh from the oven. And the color? A beautiful bronze that lasts FOR DAYS. I've never seen-or used-anything like it.

Available online and at Kasia Organic Salon, 822 S. 50th Street, Minneapolis, 612-824-7611.



"Local Favorite New Product!"

 Kasia Organics Enliven Body Polish featured inMN Monthly on page #39! Stop by Kasia Organic Salon or order online.  

Supple with a glow....


Sweep  away and detoxify dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliation.  Allow your  pores to open, breathe, and to be fully receptive to the healing oils that make our moisturizing body polish so luxurious.   Kasia's rich polishes are designed to be effective yet so gentle on the skin that they can be used several times a week.



Opt-OUT of Nasty Chemicals With Kasia's Vegan Straightening System


Got Frizz? Get smooth, silky hair that will last for months!


Beautiful Health Benefits

Zerran RealLisse is a Vegan Hair Treatment that differs from ANY other market on the market with zero harsh chemicals.

It's natural, fume-free and safe for all women, including pregnant women. Many women have looked for an alternative from the Brazilian Blowout. Zerranis the first 100 percent vegan, botanically based, paraben-free and formaldehyde-free hair smoothing treatment on the market.


Before Photo


As you can see Sharon has a strong texture to her hair, and is curly, but frizzy. Sharon will have more time for her children in the morning while her blow drying time will be cut down immensely and hair left in incredible shape.


Before treatment 


All natural and perfect for pregnant women, or those looking to get an alternative from the Brazilian Blowout.


The Process 


First, we washed Sharon's hair with shampoo and carefully applied the treatment on small sections of her hair.  Next the hair is dried and the same small sections are flat ironed. The flat iron traps the moisture and creates a smooth glossy finish. The process is hassle and fume-free from start to finish and only takes two hours. Sharon was thrilled with the results!


After treatment

Sharon is advised to let the treatment "cure," waiting at  least two to three days before washing. All clients receive a Zerran's shampoo/conditioner to help retain the results. With good home care, this keratin alternative can last up to 4 months.


How the Ingredients Deck Up   Don't expect to find hard-to-read ingredients or animal products in Zerran's recipe. The 100% vegan formulation contains plant proteins to relax curls and tame frizzy hair, with no keratin or other animal products involved.


Kasia Organic Salon Zerran Special 

Right now pay only $199 for the Zerran hair treatment ($300 value)      

Hurry, expires June 25th! 


Say goodbye to frizz for months and get the shiny & smooth hair you desire.  You can repeat this service as much as you would like.  It only gets better!  



Learn more HERE.

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