Welcome Lauren and Stacey...NEW Kasia Team Members!

 Welcome Lauren and Stacey!

..here to make your experience at Kasia even better!

The most exciting aspects of my job at Kasia are promoting our AMAZING in-house brand of luxurious, non-toxic products, along with the fact that I get to work with an incredibly fun, talented, and warm group of people.

My goal as the assistant manager is to ensure that our clients always enjoy the best service and experience possible, as well as to be a go-to source for people who want to learn more about the many wonderful health-promoting products and services we proudly offer at Kasia. -  Lauren, Assistant Manager


I have been in the beauty skin care business for ten years and have worked with various skin care and makeup lines. My philosophy when it comes to treating the skin is to nurture and take care if it as well as the body with ingredients that are safe and good for you. I am excited to join the Kasia team because Kasia represents all that is good in the beauty business. We take a healthy and ethical approach to skin, hair, and makeup.

All of our products are non-toxic, organic, and hand made with a special, personal touch.  In my services I like to work closely with my clients to provide an incredibly personalized treatment that will deliver results and be extremely relaxing.

It's great to work in an environment where everyone is so passionate in their art. It is inspiring to be around and reflects greatly in the services that we provide at Kasia.

- Stacey, Skin Care Specialist

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