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A 'Beautiful Health' evolution is a constant at Kasia. Take note! 

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We are anxious to share our new Pure-Essence "Grounded" scented roll-on! Read about the Beautiful Health benefits!

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*NEW*  Pure-Essence "Grounded" 


An aura of pure aromatic essential oils frame Kasia's captivating and mysterious scent "Grounded" Pure-Essence.


Made from the purest plant-based ingredients with no chemicals, synthetic scents or man-made additives, our Pure Essence allows you to stay "grounded" naturally. Free from alcohol, artificial fragrances, phthalates, parabans, and other chemicals, all Kasia Pure-Essence scent blends are handcrafted in small batches using therapeutic-grade essential oils.



  • Patchouli: alleviates anxiety and brings focus
  • Sandalwood: relieves agitated emotional states and gives strength
  • Frankincense: calms and improves concentration
  • Bergamot: relieves nervous energy and encourages contentment
  • Cedarwood: combats nervous tension and boosts positivity


 Kassandra's Tip: Did you know that traditional fragrances are made with about 884 toxic substances? Toluene is a neurotoxin, and according to recent EPA fragrance testing, every single fragrance tested was found to contain toluene. Fragrances are not just perfumes; they are included in most personal care products on the market. And because the formulas are proprietary, the manufacturers are not required to divulge their ingredients. Avoiding perfumes and products with added fragrances will help you eliminate an additional hundreds of unknown toxins.


INGREDIENTS: Pogostemon cablin (patchouli), Santalum album (sandalwood), Boswellia frereana (frankincense), Citrus bergamia (bergamot), Cedrus atlantica (cedarwood)

Top 5 Mineral Makeup Tips ....

every Informed Beaute' should know!

Kasia Salon recently hosted Jennifer Honeycutt, an international makeup artist and La Bella Donna Regional educator. We want to thank everyone who came out for their mini-makeover. 
Lovin' La Bella
I have not found a competitor that comes close to La Bella Donna. With just four ingredients, their formulas are actually healthy for the skin because they are made from natural elements: mineral-based pigments for natural-looking color and micronized Titanium Dioxide, a non-chemical sun block (SPF 20), for environmental protection. Iron Oxides provide the source of color, while Bismuth Oxychloride and Zinc Oxide act as anti-inflammatories.

 TOP 5 TAKEAWAYS from recent training.


1. La Bella Donna mineral powders contain only four ingredients. They are anti-inflammatory, soothing, anti-aging, and non-clogging - ideal for all skin types, as well as allergy-prone skin.
2. ALL products within the line can be used interchangeably on the lips, eyes or cheeks, giving you more bang for your buck.
3. If you still have older makeup that you don't want to go to waste, simply apply La Bella's loose mineral products to protect your skin from synthetics and dyes!
4. Always apply loose minerals first, followed by your liquid base and concealer (especially under the eye). The concealer/liquid melts right into the skin, evening out the skin tone.
5. We LOVE the Baci-Baci Moisturizing Lip Sheer. Developed as a vitamin C and organic lip treatment, these lip sheers contain antioxidants and sodium hyaluronate, which plumps the lips and creates a moisture barrier.



La Bella Donna Loose Minerals provide a natural alternative to chemical makeup in order to ensure the health of the skin, as well as the body. Our skin is our largest organ, and everything we put on it is filtered through the liver, just like with the food we eat. The goal is to avoid absorbing chemicals into our bodies.


Because La Bella Donna Minerals are made from rock and are not diluted with fillers, they provide many benefits to the skin that other products cannot provide.

Book your mini-mineral-makeup makeover TODAY! # 612.824.7611  


 Natural - Non-toxic Pedicures



Our pedicure stations offer a brush of Acquarella, a high-quality water-based line of polish in a gorgeous array of colors. Choose from three luxurious and indulgent pedicure options.


Acquarella's non-toxic polishes are odor free and formulated without formaldehyde, phthalates, petrochemicals, or solvents of any kind.


Save money! No pre-coat or top-coat needed. Our polish is specifically designed to hydrate the nails with an innovative fast-dry formula.


Book Today!


The Organic Treatment

Relax in a vibration chair with a cup of Kasia Fair Trade Tea and heated foot jets while we pamper your feet with a scrub, massage, nail-shaping and polish, using natural, non-toxic and organic products.


45 minutes - $45 (choice of polish or massage)

60 minutes - $65 (includes massage and polish)

90 minutes - $75 (includes paraffin wrap for hands)

Rejuvenating Foot Ritual:

Take your pedicure (without the polish) to the next level with an invigorating treatment designed to revitalize your skin and stimulate your senses. A warm whirlpool foot bath is prepared using aromatic oils and is followed by a signature foot massage incorporating a touch of reflexology to melt away stress. 40 minutes - $45  





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