Top 5 Mineral Makeup Tips .... every Informed Beaute' should know!

Kasia Salon recently hosted Jennifer Honeycutt, a International Makeup Artist and La Bella Donna Regional educator.  We want to thank everyone that came out for their mini-makeover, the results were incredible.

Lovin' La Bella

I have not found a competitor that comes close to La Bella Donna.  With 4 ingredients, the formulas are actually healthy for the skin because they are made from natural elements: mineral-based pigments for natural-looking color and micronized Titanium Dioxide, a non-chemical sun block (SPF 20), for environmental protection. Iron Oxides provide the source of color while Bismuth  Oxychloride and Zinc Oxide act as anti-inflammatories.

 TOP 5 TAKEAWAYS from recent training.

1.  4 Ingredients. Anti-inflammatory. Soothing. Does not clog the pores. Anti-aging.  Ideal for all skin types-allergy-prone skin.
2.  ALL products within the line can be used on the lip, eye, as a rouge......they are interchangeable!
3.  If you have older makeup that you do not want to throw away quite yet you can  put on La Bella's Loose Mineral to protect the skin from the synthetics and dyes!
4.  Always put your loose mineral on first, followed by your concealer (especially under the eye).  The concealer/liquid melts right into the skin evening out the skin tone.
5.  LOVE the Baci Baci Lip Gloss. Developed as a vitamin c and organic lip treatment, full of anti-oxidants, and the Sodium Hyaluronate creates a moisture barrier.



La Bella Donna Loose Minerals provide a naturale alternative to chemical makeup in order to insure the health of the skin as well as the body. Our skin is the largest organ and everything we put on it is filtered through the liver just like the food that we eat. We do not want to be absorbing chemicals into our bodies.
 La Bella Donna Minerals have so many properties for the skin that we cannot get from any other source because they are only minerals from rock and not diluted down with another ingredients.

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