How Do Hormones Affect the Skin in Your Teenage Years?

Intrinsic aging is determined by heredity, your genetic programming that controls the hormones responsible for aging. The skin will certainly behave differently under the influences of these hormones, but how do they affect skin during the teen years?

A prepubescent skin (age 9-12) is the skin we all would like to have – smooth, invisible pores and simply flawless. For the most part prior to the teenage years, hormones are not influencing the skin but come age 13 and beyond, this is a different story.

From ages 13-19, hormones can really start to do funny things to a teenager’s skin. The fluctuations alone can aggravate the skin and contribute toward blemishes and breakouts. Estrogen is a natural anti-inflammatory and may keep things calm, but around the time of one’s period, the drop in estrogen very often will cause the skin to flare up. Testosterone and other androgens increase oil production and the tendency towards clogging. Those with sticky sebum or weak follicular walls will experience more severe breakouts, including stubborn cystic acne.

This is because the oil gland is located in a hair follicle with a narrow opening. As a result, sticky sebum makes skin prone to more clogged pores. Additionally, a weak follicular wall causes bacteria to leak out into the surrounding areas. This is why squeezing at your blemishes once they first appear is a very bad idea.) Your immune system perceives this as an infection and fights it by causing inflammation.  -Renee Reloux

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