Do you use an eye cream? Here are some helpful tips you need to know first...

Do you use an eye cream as part of your daily evening routine?We hope so! Here are some helpful tips about eye cream!

Under Eye Rescue

Burdened from all the different eye creams on the market?  Of course our guests adore the Kasia's onCure Eye Cream, but before you choose which eye cream you prefer,  there’s a few things you need to know first.

The eyes are arguably the most attractive feature of the face. They are the first to get noticed by the people you meet and capture the attention of the people you talk with. Unfortunately, they also bare the first signs of aging. When you hit your mid-20s, you begin to notice some lines and wrinkles forming around and under your eyes.

Throw away the Mineral Oil. The skin under the eye is very different from the full face.  This heavy oil can weigh down the delicate skin tissue of the eye area and, over time, weaken elastin fibers causing premature wrinkles.

It's all about the application. Don’t apply too close. Eye cream (especially if not natural/organic) should be applied only to the orbital bone around the eyes, which is the bone just at the top of the cheekbone. Avoid applying it too close to the lash line. Every time you blink, your lashes will lift microscopic amounts of product, which might eventually get deposited into your eyes. Anything that enters the eyes can be an obvious irritant and cause unnecessary puffiness.

Exfoliate...even the eye area!  The reason for fine lines and wrinkles as we age is the weakening of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, mainly caused from long-term sun exposure, but also facial movements that create actual folds and creases in the skin.  Using a low glycolic or fruit enzyme is very beneficial.  Kasia's Glycolic Pumpkin Mask or byNight Serum work great!  You want to be careful around the eye area, you want to make sure that you’re only applying the serum in the outer eye area where lines and wrinkles (crow’s feet) are visible.

Never too early!  By starting eye creams at a young age, you can help prevent the formation of wrinkles in the eye area which is the first part of the face that shows signs of aging.  Starting in your 20's gives women great advantage.

Avoid Fragrance. Avoid all products that have synthetic fragrances in them, but this is especially important in the eye area. Fragrances can lead to watery, irritated eyes. Avoid eye creams with the ingredients “fragrance”, “perfume”, or “parfum.”

What eye cream do I personally use?  

OnCure Eye Cream .....always look like you’ve had eight hours of sleep!

Designed to naturally eliminate dark circles, reduce puffiness and fine lines, promote firmness and elasticity and improve circulation, OnCure combines three rich, organic lipids—Apricot Kernel, Borage and Shea Butter—into a rich blend of high-performance natural ingredients to heal and hydrate the sensitive eye area.


  • Naturally reduces dark circles, shadows and puffiness using Hesperidin, a flavonoid derived from citrus fruits.
  • An encapsulated tripeptide stimulatea the natural exfoliation process, bringing a brighter, smoother and more even tone to the under eye area.
  • Chrysin, a naturally occurring flavone extracted from Blue Passion Flower, helps reduce the appearance of dark circles


  • Reinforce firmness and tone using nourishing apricot kernel to replenish and rebuild skin.
  • Tripeptides and Sea Algae Extract stimulate collagen production.


  • Prevent puffiness and reduce bags with tripeptides, Vitamin C and E to stimulate cell growth and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Learn more about Kasia Natural Skin Care and Eye Cream HERE!

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