6 Tips to Keep Thin Hair Looking Full and Thick



 Thinning hair is becoming very common and can be a result of many catalysts in the body from hormone havoc to your individual DNA.  As a stylist that specializes in hair loss for women, it is our goal to give our guests the best options for what colors look best with a cut that compliments any hair type or density.
There are techniques that are unique for each individual.  Check out our tips below and don't  leave home without them on your way to your next haircut!


Get Banged!

Hair that is thin at the crown but thick in front:  Try bangs to create a fuller look. Color!  Ask your colorist to take a section of hair underneath the bangs and color it two shades darker than the rest of your hair color which will create a dimension and make your hair look thicker.


Thinking Twice Before Layering

Ask your stylist to cut the under-layer of your hair a half an inch shorter than the top layer. This will add fullness by “pushing” the hair up.  BEWARE of a razor because that can create frayed ends that make your hair look wispier. To give fullness to fine or thin hair, keep ends blunt.


Get Color to Add Dimension

Add shing with Color!  Peroxide doubles the thickness of each strand by swelling the hair shaft, which makes your hair look and feel fuller.   Depositing color also fills the cuticle.  By adding dimension (a mix of shades), it creates the illusion of density. Also, keep in mind that your hair color should match the color of your scalp as closely as possible if you want to camouflage a wide part.





Keep Your Hair Above Shoulder Length

Plain and simple:  If it’s shorter, it will appear thicker.

Mousse It Up

Lift it up!  A foam or mousse gives your roots a boost and creates longer lasting volume  . Steer clear from creams and heavy gels.


Blow-Dry Gently

Don’t subject your hair to more wear and tear than necessary—let it air-dry 80 percent, then use a round brush to lift the roots and smooth the ends.

Strategy!  When blow-drying, don’t part your hair where you normally do before you blow-dry to avoid it going flat along the part, which is exactly where you want some height. Instead, part your hair on the opposite side. When you’re done blow-drying, flip it back and you’ll have your desired volume. Try Extensions

Extensions are now for the “every day women” wanting to add a little fullness to a little bit of length.  You can add 3 extensions or more, a minimal amount is needed. If your hair is full at the crown, but wispy from the mid-length to ends, they’ll give you a lush style in minutes and last (professional) up to 3 months.


Restore with Keratin

Fill and Restore! Look for a healing and temporary keratin treatment.  It’s best to do this every 4-8. It smoothes and coats the hair with a protective layer while also protecting colored hair.   Kasia Organic Salon offers a great keratin treatment that truly chemical free for instant relief.

Contact the Kasia Team @6128247611 for your great new style!

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