Herbal Therapy for Hair Loss

  Hair loss in men and women can be treated in numerous ways. The two main categories of treatment are surgical and non-surgical. Among the non-surgical treatment methods, one of the most promising procedures is herbal therapy. Herbal therapy has been found to help  in numerous ways to curb hair loss and stimulate better hair growth. Given below are the some of the herbs and herbs-based therapies which can help  with hair loss.


Therapies based on herbs like palmetto, pygeum and nettle roots have been found to be excellent treatments for hair loss. Since these naturally occurring herbs have the ability to interfere with the chemical processes caused by DHT or dihydrotestosterone, the process of hair follicle thinning and the stoppage of hair production from follicles can be halted. Consequently, with the action of these herbs, the hair follicles will reopen and patients’ hair will once again commence to grow normally.

Another well known herb used to treat hair loss is Ginko Biloba. This herb has been found to have excellent qualities in improving the circulatory system of patients. As a result of improved blood circulation, the hair follicles in a patient’s scalp is expected to get better supply of blood which will contribute to better nourishment, which, in turn will in turn cause the processes of hair growth to be improved and stirred.

Lastly, the world famous herbal drink green tea has been used by many to treat the condition of alopecia. Apart from alopecia, green tea is known to treat and heal numerous other diseases and conditions as well. With respect to the pattern balding condition, some of the valuable contents of green tea have been found to perform a vital function of restricting the enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase, which is directly instrumental in producing the DHT or dihydrotestosterone hormone.


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