Does Gray Hair Reflect Your Internal "Beautiful Health?"

  If you're thirty or younger and are starting to see those obnoxious grey hairs popping out and  it doesn't run in your family, you may want to see consult with a medical professional since there are some medical conditions that can cause premature greying.

Greying of the hair occurs when the cells that produce pigment called melanocytes stop producing pigments. The age at which this happens is usually genetically related and differs for every individual.

Stress can cause a lack of melanocyte production  there is a not enough evidence that stress plays a major role in premature greying. Most premature hair greying is a result of genetics.

Possible Catalysts to Premature Grey Hair:

For some people, premature grey hair can actually be a yellow flag of a medical problem.

  • Thyroid: An overactive or underactive thyroid gland can affect your melanocytes, the cells that produce pigment. This will result in premature grey hair.
  • Vitiligo & Auto-Immune: An auto-immune disease, vitiligo attacks and destroys melanocytes that create hair color.
  • Anemia: A B12 vitamin deficiency can cause grey hair color to appear before its time. This can also be related to adrenal fatigue.
Age *VS* DNA

If you’re past age 30, it’s likely that your grey hair is a natural and gradual occurrence. Ask other women in your family when they went grey to gauge whether or not yours is premature. With age, the melanocytes that produce pigment stop working. Scientists are still trying to figure out why.

Scientists are actively studying the link between grey hair color, wrinkles and heart disease. One study suggests that wrinkled skin and grey hair may be a warning sign for impending heart troubles.  In my opinion, the issue is a very complex one, and our lifestyle and state of environment, nutrition, and rest are all a piece of the puzzle.

That's the good news!  By being pro-active within our "Beautiful Health" lifestyle, we can fight the slow progression of aging, melonocyte production, and our over-all look on life.

Allow us to help you in that journey! 

Kasia Organic Salon offers natural and organic hair products and services to make that you do not subject hair to chemicals and other harmful ingredients. Direct exposure to these chemicals can permanently damage your hair follicles.  Reach us at 612.824.7611 to discuss your options with our excellent service providers.


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