Why hair becomes thinner, less shiny and more prone to breaking or damage.


As we get older and grow wiser, our hair unfortunately becomes more brittle and thin.  Check out our Informed Beauty Essential Tips on how to battle the signs of aging in order to attain - and regain -  younger-looking and healthier locks.


As the years go by, many of us dread the experience of finding that first gray hair - which actually occurs because hair loses protein and melanin with age.   But, unfortunately, silver strands aren’t the only change. After the age of 40, hair may become thinner, less shiny and more prone to breaking or damage.

These changes can be caused by several factors including:

  • Hormonal changes. Over time, the body produces lower levels of the hormones necessary for hair growth. Hormonal fluctuations post-menopause may also cause many women to experience thinner hair later in life.

  • Sluggish cell regeneration. As we age, the rate at which hair is able to grow slows down, resulting in thinner tresses. Over time, hair loses its elasticity, hair follicles shrink, growth slows and sebum and keratin production diminishes, so strands can become brittle and dull.

  • Genetics. Genetics play a significant role in determining the quantity and quality of your hair. While most people experience some hair loss with aging, the extent of hair loss is often determined by genetics.

  • Medications. According the American Academy of Family Physicians, certain medicines may contribute to hair loss. These medications include those used to treat gout, high blood pressure, depression and heart problems related to blood pressure and cholesterol. Changes may be long term or temporary. Be sure to discuss potential side effects with your doctor.

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