Trending Makeup Looks for Spring 2013

Here are our top  "Informed Beauty"  makeup trends from the runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Trending.....  Eyes, lids, brows, and lips were the focus: soft, feature-enhancing makeup and bold, modern looks both reigned on the runways......

Johny Cash "Walk the Line"

Put your liner into FULL EFFECT. Thick or thin, black eyeliner is a staple of every girl’s makeup bag. This season, we’re seeing thin lines for a heavier graphic look.


The Bold And Beautiful Brows

Get BOLD Brows.  Pause the plucking for spring.  Make sure you discuss your strategy with your brow gal.  If you have naturally thin brows, like I do, don’t be afraid to feather them in with our favorite La Bella Donna Brow Kit!



Colored Lids of Blue And Green

Colored lids. What’s spring without a burst of color? Whether it be soft, bright, or bold, we’re very excited to paint our lids.  Green and blue are the HOT colors for spring lids.



Natural and Glowing

Less is more. Keep your makeup simple, clean, and very much alive: focal point on a flawless, matte complexion.


Smack it RED

 RED will be your focal point for spring smooches.



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