Cupid Struck a Deal! Savings at Kasia Organic Salon!



With luxurious skin and hair service specials and product discounts, we're giving you some amazing ways to say "I love you" to the natural beauty in your life.

Ooh-la-la Prettifying Product Discounts

20% OFF on:

* Sensual So-Luxe Beauty Oils * Beautifying Body ScrubsGrounded Pure Essence * Intoxicating Grounded Pure Essence "Plant-fume" * You Light Up My Life* Pure Soy Candles



*All Dolled Up* Hair and Skin Service Specials


 Get a FREE brow wax when you book a hair color with Val or an organic facial with Stacey

Redeem a $15 discount on your makeup purchase when you book a $20 mineral makeup application with Stacey




Offers valid through February 14th.

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