Face Mapping to "Spot the Problem" and it's Link to your Internal Health

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  In Chinese medicine it’s believed that each part of the face acts as a window to another internal area of the body.  The external makeup of our face is a key indication of how well one's specific internal organs are functioning.

At Kasia Organic Salon and Spa, we have a full wall covering of the Chinese Face Mapping Model.  Our skin specialist testifies that the methodology rings true time and time again, especially when it comes to pinpointing the causes of spots and our guests internal complexities.

Many of our blemish-prone guests tend to have a specific area where they break out more often.

DIY Your Diagnosis:  Follow this FACE MAP to help you understand the underlying reason for your own skin patterns.

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1.    Forehead

Spots on the forehead tend to indicate a stressed bladder or digestive system.

To help ease this, try increasing your intake or water, green tea and fibre-rich foods that help dispel toxins and excess waste.

Contact spots are also common in this area where grease from the hair can creep onto the face, so try and keep your hair up and out of the way.

2.    Between Brows

Spots between the eyebrows are thought to be linked to the liver and are often the result of over-indulging in rich foods and alcohol.

Cut back on processed foods high in refined sugar, salt and animal fats and try and cook more fresh meals.

Reduce your alcohol intake too – it’s a diuretic which not only causes dehydration but also depletes vital skin nutrients, giving your skin a ‘grey’ hue the following day.

3.    Cheeks

Spots on the cheeks can be some of the most painful on the face and are difficult to treat.

Typically, the cheeks and nose are related to the lungs, so you may be prone to spots here if you regularly suffer with colds or chest infections.

4.    Chin & Jawline

Spots on the chin and jawline are very often hormonal.

As a woman, they may appear here at the same time every month or they may be linked to a new medication or contraception, illness or pregnancy.

It is difficult to treat hormonal spots with topical products – it’s better to take a look at anything biological that may have changed and try and restore that balance.

What do you think? Do your facial patters relate to your general health?



Contact our skin specialist at Kasia Organic Salon to discuss and treat your individual skin needs at 612.824.7611.




Disclaimer:  The Face Mapping areas are not be true for everyone. Thank you Pai Skin Care

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