The Nontoxic Hormone Balancing Approach

The Optimal Hormone Balance Kit

Three World-Class Products That Really Work
1)  Multi-Pollen Extract 45 Vcaps/bottle Our best hormone-support product with a complete spectrum of hormone-balancing phytonutrients. 2) Fem Balance Vcap 60 Vcaps/bottle 15-herb phytohormone support formula, featuring grade 10 South American red clover, opuntia and dong quai. 3) Natural Gesterone Cream™ Bio-identical natural progesterone, lab-processed from wild yam in 100% nontoxic cream base, preserved with quantum resonance technology eliminating the need for toxic preservatives (an enormous breakthrough!)

Looking For a Nontoxic Hormone Approach?

For the last 50 years, many women have unknowingly placed their trust in HRT. Since HRT has now been shown ineffective and dangerous (i.e. increasing the risk of heart attacks, ovarian and breast cancer and more), many disillusioned women are now searching for a safe, reliable means of achieving hormone balance and a way to reverse the potential damage from previous use of HRT. Fortunately, 100% natural hormone support is available as well as elegant nutraceutical products for DNA repair.

For quick results, I strongly recommend using all three products for the first 2-3 months of use.


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These are synergistically designed to enhance each other and have been clinically proven to rapidly eliminate symptoms such as hot flashes, occasional sleeplessness, night sweats, brain fog and more. Especially if you are experiencing many of the symptoms listed in the Hormonal Imbalance pages and/or have been told you are Estrogen Dominant, you will achieve better results more quickly by utilizing these products together.

Depending upon your usage, the jar of cream will last longer than the bottles of capsules, so we are also offering reorder ability of the individual bottles so that you may maintain your program easily. Please read below for suggestions on use.

Premier Multi-Pollen Extract

This unique product contains 18 strains of European pollen, free of pesticide, chemical, and heavy metal residues (unlike most American pollen sources, which are heavily contaminated). The pollen is collected from hives that have not been treated with mercury fumigants and the mold spore has been removed so there is minimal possibility of any allergic reaction. Premier Multi-Pollen gives you a pristine delivery system - ideal for great health as well as great feminine balance.*

To start, you may take 2-3 caps up to three times daily. The more estrogen dominance in your system, the more you need of the Multi Pollen, especially in the beginning stages.

Quantum Fem Balance

This truly synergistic 15-herb formula supports optimal feminine balance for both menstruating and menopausal women.* It features key, grade 10 herbs, such as opuntia cactus, red clover, red raspberry leaf, dong quai, and squaw vine in clinically tested ratios for optimal support, as well as "assistant" herbs for immune system and detox (lymph drainage) support, including gardenia, citrus aurantium and golden thread and the critical co-factors and transporters that make this formula really work.*     Start with 2-4 caps with breakfast daily.

Premier Natural Gesterone Cream

This natural cream contains real, bio-identical natural progesterone processed in a lab from wild yam, in the exact amounts recommended by Dr. John Lee, the renowned medical expert on natural progesterone. In addition, the base of our cream is 100% natural, made from plant extracts, not toxic (and cheap) propylene glycol.

Start with 1/8 teaspoon at bedtime, and over the next 8 weeks, gradually increase daily dosage weekly until you reach 1/4 tsp both in the morning and before bed. Massage cream into body sites with little or no body hair or fat for best absorption, such as inner arms, behind your knees, chest (not breasts), neck, bottom of feet, and palms. To avoid oversaturation of one area, alternate areas of the body each time you apply the cream. If you start getting little “bumps” on your skin, you are oversaturating that area. Avoid that area for a while and use other parts of your body.

Achieving Hormone Balance and Keeping It

Please don’t expect dramatic results overnight. Your estrogen and progesterone imbalance may have been years or even decades in the making. In fact, your first 2-3 months on the program may seem to exacerbate your existing symptoms! Most women feel better within the first month, but some women experience occasional breakthrough bleeding, spotting between start_conversation_womancycles, a cycle or two of irregular timing, or temporary water weight gain as estrogens begin to break down.

Usually, increasing the dosage of the Premier Multi Pollen will eliminate many of these temporary side effects. One of the most important things to remember is to be consistent with your program.

After being on the Optimal Female Balance Kit for 2 to 3 months, most women can discontinue the Natural Gesterone cream, and also reduce the amounts of Premier Multi-Pollen Extract (4 caps per day) and Quantum Fem Balance (2 caps in the morning). Once balance is achieved, these lower amounts are usually sufficient to keep it there. Some women stay on these two products for a year or more to achieve optimum results.


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If you are currently on prescription HRT, please talk with your doctor before beginning this program.

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