Having an 'Old' Hair Day: The New Anti-aging Complex

aging hair

  As women, we are aware of the mighty combat of aging when it comes to our skin, but are we aware of those same effects in our hair?    At Kasia Organic Salon, we offer custom products that include various anti-aging creams, serums,  and treatments for your skin, but we are also well aware of the "hairy" needs of our Informed Beauties.  Have you started to experience "aging hair" symptoms?  Stick around and learn more about the importance of preventative care for healthy hair.

The Telling Signs and Symptoms

Going gray isn’t the only sign that women are wanting to address, there are many more such as addressing lack-luster hair, hair loss, and looking young and youthful.   For a younger women's perspective, it is highly advised to start and maintain a routine that prevents premature hair aging by taking the necessary steps to protecting it in its youth.

The biggest complaints older women have about their hair is that it feels thinner. People with severe hair loss typically turn to dermatologists for medicinal treatments for hair regrowth.

"Do No Harm"

Unfortunatly  your hair will age as you do. Working behind the salon chair has given me perspecitve to the many signs of aging hair.  At Kasia, we find it incredibly important to use a "DO NO HARM" hair color that is rich with fatty acids, an even pH, and nourishing botanicals to keep the color from fading, keeping it on tone, and absolutely rich and shiny.  We use a professional grade Ammonia FREE, PPD, Gluten Free, hair color to achieve this.  BUYER BEWARE: Not all "ammonia free" hair colors are the same.  Read the fine print for any sneaky ingredients to substitute what the company has removed.

aging hair

Decreasing Follicle Diameter

Starting in a person's late-30s and early-40s, the strand diameter decreases creating a thinner overall appearance.  (Dr. Thomas - P&G's)

There are steps you can take to protect your hair without products.  Remove catalysts that cause repeated tension like wearing your ponytails super tight. We also suggest staying out of the sun and its damaging UV rays as well as nourishing yourself by  eating a nutrient rich diet.

Age Defying Hair

Starting in a person's late-30s and early-40s, the strand diameter decreases creating a thinner overall appearance.

Layered on top of this, the hair  becomes more brittle and fragile. Most women immedicately notice their hair getting thinner.   The decrease in the number of active hair follicles and a narrowing of the diameter of each individual hair takes it's tole.   

Aging Defying Tips

At Kasia, our knowledgeable staff and our natural products are centered towards assisting the growing demands of our guests haircare in all stages of their life. For example, women over the age of 40 tend to wash their hair much less.  They also color more often, which leaves the cuticle dry and brittle.  We help our guests with their hair and skin needs  in a personalized way with professional grade color and every day product maintenance.  

For more on aging hair in a recent Wall Street Journal  in-depth article - link to the source link below.

Are You Having an Old Hair Day? [Wall Street Journal]

Kassandra Kuehl is the founder of Kasia Organic Salon. Kasia Organic Salon is the pioneer of healthy beauty that delivers results to fit your lifestyle, because only Kasia is the authority in 100% natural products & services.  Visit www.kasiaorganicsalon.com and become an "Informed Beauty."   
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