Add Volume or Length in Minutes! Valerie's Extension Transformation!

val extensions

I absolutely LOVE Platinum Extensions. I use them on a wide array of my clients.  These quick-applicated extensions are harmless and can add volume, length, or just a splash of color!

I applied Valerie's extensions in 25 minutes. Her hair length was just reaching her shoulders - -




From the Beginning....




2013-06-22 19.58.11


2013-06-22 20.08.36


2013-06-22 20.10.37


authentic  Made with 100% of the finest Remy human hair available!

touchable No lumps, bumps, clips, sewn wefts, skin wefts, metal, plastic, or glue in hair to feel or see; completely natural to touch!

fashionable Available in 36 colors, natural and fantasy shades, and in straight or wavy styles!

virtually invisible Paper thin, soft, flexible, absolutely flat, weightless attachments look and feel just like your natural hair!

versatile Wear and style however you like without fear of revealing attachments, no need to remove even when retouching your hair color!

comfortable No pain or discomfort…from the moment they are applied!

convenient Applied in less than two hours, removed in 30 minutes, damage free, and easy to maintain!



Contact Kasia Organic Salon for any questions!  Add volume, bulk, length, or color in minutes!  

Phone: 612.824.7611   or   Email:

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