A Natural Facelift and Radiant Complexion with 3 Hormones and Living Nutrients

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The word "hormone" is derived from the Greek word hormo which means "to set in motion." Hormones stimulate and regulate an endless list of critical functions within your body.
Let's take a look at the most dominant hormones that promote a "rejuv" that has the   greatest effect on your over all hormonal health and appearance.

Get a natural face lift with Premier Quality 3-Hormone Cream

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The Mechanics

This product is the only natural hormone cream on earth. It is made with electromagnetically charged natural, organic particles.  Natural wild yam has been processed into three natural bio-identical hormones: 5% Pregnenolone, 5% DHEA and 2% Progesterone. Pregnenolone yields all natural steroid synthesis and supports the thickness and firmness of skin. DHEA aids adrenal and endocrine glands while Progesterone supports healthy hormones and skin.Cream.

3 Fabulous Natural Hormones

5% Natural Pregnenolone (Wild Yam Synthesis)
  • Precursor of all natural steroid synthesis
  • Supports skin plumpness and firmness
  • Guaranteed benzene-free
5% Natural DHEA (Wild Yam Synthesis)
  • Supports adrenals, endocrineglands and healthy skin
  • Guaranteed solvent-free


2% Natural Progesterone (Wild Yam Synthesis)
  • 100%naturally active in the human body
  • Supports healthy hormones and lustrous skin
  • Absolutelynopreservatives

100% Nontoxic Cream

  • No propylene glycol, parabens, carbomer 940, polysorbate 60, cetyl alcohol, peg 8 stearate, solvents (such as benzene) or other toxic chemical
  • No petroleum-based mineral oil,which clogs pores

Unparalleled cell uptake

  • Up to 98% absorption by the cell as compared to 3 to 6% with ordinary creams
  • Quickly absorbed by the cell
  • Not sticky; leaves no residue on your skin
  • Absorbed intracellularly, not between cells into connective tissue (as seen with inferior creams)

Quickly absorbed by the cell

  • Notsticky
  • Absorbed intracellularly, not between cells into connective tissue (as seen with inferior creams)

The Quantum Effect 

Each cell in the body is replaced every 160 days.  The health of those cells depend upon the nutrition they are fed. Only nutrients from "once living" sources can effectively give the cells the nutrition they depend upon.  We call this the "Life Source".  Over 97% of the vitamin and mineral supplements found in the typical retail "health" store are synthetics or made from fractionated and isolated nutrients.  These products cannot hope to perform the important task of healthy cell regeneration.  In long-term use, these poorer sources can often lead to additional health problems.

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PRL Rejuvination Cream

1. 100% Natural Progesterone 
Laboratory processed to bio-identical human progesterone (wild yam source)
a) 100% naturally active in the human body 
b) The Yam Scam: Beware of products that contain only wild yam. Wild yam alone will not work un-less it’s been activated (via laboratory processing) to bio-identical natural progesterone

2. Luxurious, Natural Cream Base 
100% botanical base cream made with highly charged plant mineral technology

3. Absolutely No Preservatives 
Our highly charged plant mineral process naturally preserves the cream in its natural energy state so there is no need for toxic preservatives.

4. 100% Pure, Nontoxic Ingredients 
Our cream is so pure it’s edible, but best application is on your skin.

5. Natural Progesterone 
In micronized form, stabilized with vitamin E for excellent absorption.

6. Unparalleled Absorption 
Charged Plant Mineral Technology with its highly polarized herbal particles allows up to a full 98% absorption by the cell as compared to typical 3 to 6% by most ordinary creams.

7. Quick Absorption By The Cell 
Within seconds, our silky, toxic-free cream is fully absorbed, leaving NO sticky residues

The Other Guys

1. Other creams may not contain natural progesterone (yam source).

a) Some creams contain wild yam but it has NOT been converted in a lab. Your body cannot convert it to real progesterone. It does NOT raise the body’s progesterone levels.

b) Some creams do have U.S.P. grade progesterone but it is syn-thetic (NOT from natural sources). Not biocompatible with living bodies.

c) Some creams contain only diosgenin, a chemical from wild yam. This molecule is too large to be absorbed by your skin. It does NOT raise the body’s progesterone levels.

d) Some doctors give Provera, a prescription drug, to women who have low progesterone. But Provera is a progestin, NOT progesterone. It can drive a woman’s low progesterone levels DOWN even further!

2. Other cream bases often contain propylene glycol, a cheap syn-thetic petrochemical. Sometimes the cream base is non-organic, poorly grown Aloe vera which tests toxic.

3. Toxic preservatives are common such as parabens (propyl, methyl, butyl, or ethyl) or benzene compounds.

4. May contain many questionable and known toxic ingredients such as: propylene glycol, parabens, cetyl alcohol, peg 8 stearate, carbomer 940, polysorbate 60 stearal konium chloride or other toxic chemicals. Remember, what you put on your skin, you are eating!

5. Most creams are not micronized formulations, so uptake is poor. Without being stabilized in vitamin E, plant hormones can degrade rapidly.

6. Other creams usually have poor absorption into the cell (3 to 6%) as compared with Charged Plant Mineral Technology (up to 98% absorption). Typical creams have “flat”, weakly charged molecules that mostly glide into the connective tissue spaces BETWEEN the cells, rather than entering the cells themselves.

7. Other creams often have a greasy feel and leave a sticky residue on your skin.


Ingredients: Nano-Pure™ [water/aqua, zea maus oil, vegetable glycerin, daucus carota sat. (carrot) root extract, guar gum, allium cepa (onion) extract, citrus nob. (orange) peel extract, prunus arm. (apricot) kernel oil, corylus ave. (hazelnut) oil, vitis vin. (grape) seed extract, equisetum arv. (horsetail) aerial extract, USP DHEA (dihydroepiandrosterone 5%; yam-derived), USP natural pregnenolone (5%; yam derived), Progesterone (2% yam-derived) rosa spp. (rose) petal oil.

No toxic preservatives such as parabens, TEA or urea.

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