Hey Beaute' - Time to Pony Up!



Well, we're gearing up for FALL!  There is probably no other style that brings forth a love/hate relationship with a women's hairstyle.    At its worst, it's a lazy-day fall-back, yet at its best it can rule the runways and red carpet?    Well you're in luck - because both ways are FAB for FALL TRENDS!

A whole genre on ponytails?! Yes milady, that's right. It is time to expand your pony horizons.  Ponytails are a classic look that can be easily polished.




Styling a ponytail is quick and simple.

1.  Start with a small drop of Kasia Outshine Ultra-light Smoothing Gloss for a shiny look. Pull your hair back and use a brush to smooth over any pesky hair sticking out.

2.  Use Kasia NEW Hydra-Boost and Volumizing Mist to give your hair some volume and grit for the pony before pulling back.

3.  Use a band to secure in the hair and spray a medium-hold hair spray over hair. If you have fly away hair sticking out of your pony tail, use a small hard bristle brush to flatten those hairs with hair spray.


Try ONE .....try them ALL!



pony 1


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