The Best Way to Apply Bronzer for Fall

If you find yourself stuck on how to choose and use bronzer, you're not alone. Fact is, bronzer can be tricky to shop for and even trickier to apply correctly—but when a well-selected bronzer is applied correctly, it warms up and rejuvenates a dull, sallow, or too-pale complexion.

bronze Contrary to popular belief, bronzer is a great product to use during every season, not just in the warm summer months. As fall approaches, don’t toss your golden bronze powder just yet.

When to Apply Bronzer

Some people wonder at what point in the makeup routine is bronzer applied. As a general rule, bronzing powders can be applied after your foundation, concealer, and pressed or loose powder is on; cream or cream-to-powder bronzers can go on before you apply setting powder; liquid or gel bronzers can be applied right after foundation, before finishing powder. If desired, apply a bit of blush to the apples of cheeks, matching the texture of your bronzer (for example, apply powder blush over bronzing powder rather than cream blush over bronzing powder).

Tips for Applying Bronzer

When it comes to applying bronzer like a pro, the mantra is "easy does it". The golden rule is to use as little product as possible so that the end result is believably natural. Remember, you can always add more!

Building color gradually is the best way to avoid the beginner's mistake of over-applying. Bronzer should give skin a sun-kissed flush, so apply to areas of the face where the light would shine if it were directly above—where your forehead meets your hairline, down the bridge of your nose, the tip of your chin, and the apples of cheeks.

For a more contoured look, some people find it helpful to imagine the "3" shape, while applying bronzer. On both sides of the face, make the "3" shape starting at the forehead along the hair line, and use your brush to follow along the hollow of the cheek and just under the jawline. Keep it sheer and build as needed.

A common pitfall is using your blush or powder brush to apply your bronzer, but this type of double-duty with your brushes is a no-no. Unless you're good about cleaning your brushes every day (and really, who is?) using one brush for more than one color product can result in muddy, uneven application.

TIP: if you're going to use a bronzer, use a separate brush.


At Kasia - we LOVE La Bella Donna's "Amber" Pressed Powder or the Sunset Quads for a beautiful bronzer.  This bronzer can be used year-round.

Quads of compressed mineral bronzing colours to give your skin an après sun-kissed glow. Naturale-created for those with a more fair complexion and may also be used as eyeshadows. Bronze- utilizes both the skin’s naturally occurring tanning undertones of gold and red. Both colours options are a beaute makeup kit must-have.

  • Light-refracting qualities present a luminous glow

  • The quad of colours may be used not only as a bronzer, use any of the colours as eyeshadows or blush

  • Combine colours from each compact to create your personal colour

  • Naturale-gives a sun-kissed glow and for a more fair complexion

  • Bronze-utilizes both the skin’s naturally-occurring tanning undertones of gold and red

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Resource: Paula's Choice

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