How Shampooing Your Hair Daily May NOT be Harmful After All?

You may be skeptical as I flip to the other side of the common hair myth about how shampooing causes hair loss, how it dries the hair and also how it depletes it of natural oils.  It's important to remember there are NO ABSOLUTE formula's, nor am I trying to "sell" more shampoo.

The fact is - we all have different lifestyles, time on our hands, DNA makeup, etc.   Let's skim over the other side of "washing your hair daily."




Your hair and scalp frequent the same places you take your body and face – and while washing off the daily "grime" on your face is refreshing and cleansing, so too - it is for your scalp and loverly locks!

Even more so actually if you think about it – hair tends to brush directly against more surfaces. I.e. the back of underground, bus and taxi seats. Eeew..... I get grossed out just thinking about it.


Hair grows its best when your scalp is healthy – and daily shampooing helps keep it this way.  The QUALITY of shampoo is where I draw the line.  Especially if used daily.  Shampooing exfoliates dead skin cells away and helps to rid the scalp of any excess bacteria.  A large population tends to venture into dandruff if the hair is left too long between washes, due to the accumulation of cells. Dandruff is  unpleasant, but more importantly - is also known to cause or worsen hair loss.


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Shampooing does not dry your hair -AGAIN - THE QUALITY OF SHAMPOO AND IT'S INGREDIENTS MATTER.  Moisture is what hydrates your hair. The rule of measure I give to our guests at Kasia Organic Salon is - "How oily is your scalp?"  If you have an abundance of oils sitting on the top of your hair, it's clear that you've experienced greasy, limp, and smelly hair.  Would you forgo washing sweat off of your body to keep it ‘supple’? You use a moisturizing product for that! And it terms of washing your hair, you use the correct shampoo for your hair texture and then a conditioner for your hair texture, length and level of processing to smooth the cuticle, seal in the moisture and add shine.


Shampooing daily does not cause hair loss.  I preface this with - "How fragile is your hair?  Are you going through chemo?  Are you on medications and taking on a lot of stress?  Well then -- you may be more fragile and proceed with caution...."

The action of massage actually helps to stimulate your scalp. What might be happening, however, is that you NOTICE more hair coming out when you shampoo due to it accumulating in the drain. Also, if you are used to washing your hair every 3 days, the hair that comes out when you shampoo will be 3 days worth of accumulation – not what you would see if you shampooed every day. As mentioned before, shampooing too infrequently can trigger dandruff and worsen hair loss.

opening-time- Your LIfe - Your Time Your Expectations 

Believe me mamma' - I GET IT!  Some people are more than happy to wash their hair on a daily basis, while others just don’t have the time. This also depends on your current style, haircut, and how hard you sleep on those locks at night!  I caution you if you use tools such as curling irons and flat irons every day.  I believe every second or third day is more appropriate for this lifestyle.

TIP:  "Simply reset your hair with a round brush and blow dryer the second day or after a workout."

 Between washes you can use Kasia's REVIVE DRY SHAMPOO to get just 1-2 more days!   All Kasia Shampoo's and Conditioners are made specifically to help keep the hair & scalp clean, moisturized, rebalance of it's pH, shiny and healthy.  "First DO NO HARM!"  


Hope you enjoyed some of the flip side - let me know your thoughts!  What works best for you? 

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