The Top 3 Celebrity Hairstyles at th Emmy Awards


Just in case you missed the 2013 Emmy Awards last night, do not despair. We have you covered here with the top Emmy Awards hairstyles that rocked the 2013 red carpet! ‘Au natural’ was totally in this year and we love the ease at which these casual-inspired, textured red carpet hairstyles can be achieved. So go ahead and take a look at our three favorite Emmy Awards hairstyles below and learn how to recreate them yourself!

Zooey Deschanel ‘s Retro Glamour

We loved Zooey Deschanel’s ’70s bombshell hairstyle at the Emmy Awards. The actress’ retro inspired curls were styled to perfection. Thick chocolate curls, elegantly swooped bangs, and subtle teasing on top made the perfect combination for this red carpet-worthy look.

Emmy Awards Hairtstyles


  1. Get ready for heat. On dry hair, go through section by section and spray on a light hairspray or a heat-memory product. You want your hair to have a little grip to hold your set.
  2. Heat it up. Use medium to large sized hot rollers on your strands to get those huge bouncy curls. Roll them up into your hair and while they cool, it’s a great time to do your makeup!
  3. Shake it out. Take down the rollers and spray again with hairspray. Then gently use your fingers to shake the curls out and break them up. Tease the crown for height and smooth your bangs with an iron for added drama.


Julianne Hough’s Sexy Red Carpet Hair

Say what you might about Julianne Hough’s revealing dress choice for the Emmys this year, but we think her hair looked absolutely amazing! Her signature blonde locks are cut into a long bob that falls above the shoulder line. Strands are parted to the side and start smooth at the roots, but blend slowly down into a beautiful textured wave. The wave adds tons of shape, interest and volume to the style. The result is fabulous!

Julianne Hough's Emmy Awards Hairstyle


  1. Blow it out. Apply smoothing products to damp hair and blow dry smooth. Make sure you part hair deeply to one side and use a paddle brush to get strands as sleek as possible.
  2. Hot tools unite. Use a large curling iron to curl the bottom half of hair strands. Curl the entire head of hair, but use a flat iron on the long bangs around the face. Smooth them out and then twist the iron back and away from the face when you reach the ends to get that fun, flirty swoop.
  3. Spray in the texture. Use your favorite hairspray to coat your strands. Be generous on the ends because you want to create that full, voluminous shape with lots of texture. After spraying strands, use your fingers to rough hair up. Flip your head upside down, break up the curls and scrunch them up. Flip the right side up and smooth out the top strands. Then, grab tips of hair and pull them out and spray with more hairspray to create a wider shape.


Giuliana Rancic’s Short Hair Show Stopper!

Giuliana Rancic was looking fierce in her crisp bob haircut at the Emmys. Her signature ombre haircolor is freshened up for fall with this stunning dark brown shade that complements her skin tone perfectly. Rancic’s hair is parted deeply to one side and cut longer on one side as well, creating a totally fun and asymmetrical result.

Giuliana Rancic's 2013 Emmy Awards Hairstyle


  1. Prep your strands. Start in the shower with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner to help fight frizz. Follow up with a smoothing serum out of the shower and comb through to distribute the product evenly. Beginning with the right products will make your blow drying and styling time much faster and easier.
  2. Blow it straight. Part hair crisply to the side and comb through. Use a paddle brush and a blow dryer to remove moisture from strands. Direct air down the hair shaft to minimize frizz.
  3. Polish off your look. Grab your flat iron and go through your hair, section by section. Move the iron slowly to really smooth out your strands. Bevel the iron under slightly at the ends to get that sleek, flipped-under effect.

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