NEW at Kasia! Natural Smoothing & Express Formaldehyde-FREE Treatments


Good-bye Time Consuming - Bad Hair Days!

Natural Smoothing & Rx Express Formaldehyde-FREE Treatments

   We all have busy schedules and the struggle with time -- this is where our professional team steps in with solutions.


The LESS TIME Initiative:

In order to spend less time ..... HEALTHY hair is foundational.

We have tested many keratin treatments, and are excited to offer instant express or long term results.    

 * Spend less time styling

* Experience longer lasting color and shine

* Enjoy smooth, frizz-free manageable hair 

The WHY?

A. We started to take a serious look into this treatment after witnessing one of my frequent clients long term results of her treatment received now over 5 months ago.  She has thick and frizzy GRAY hair, and we color retouch her every 4 weeks. The proof is there -and our team has done the research, have verified the results, and of course assured it's formaldehyde-FREE SAFETY!

Q: What is a Keratin Rx Smoothing Therapy

A:  Restore your hair by infusing a special blend of hydrolyzed keratin deep into the cuticle. The hydrolyzed keratin is bonded to the cuticle with heat from a flat iron to relax the hair's sub-cuticle layer, resulting in renewed smoothness and shine.

 The treatment improves the hair's overall look and integrity. Immediately enhance your color service, creating vibrancy and shine like never before.


Each time you receive the treatment, results improve and you add more of the protective protein layer around your lovely locks.

Our keratin services do not change the actual structure of the hair. We do not use harsh chemicals like formaldehyde. (It is formaldehyde free and the only OSHA keratin approved service to date).


Is it for YOU?

YES, it is gentle enough and beneficial to use on all hair types: color treated, chemically processed, bleached or highlighted.

The stylists at Kasia have been specially trained and certified to give you outstanding results.

Learn more about our natural keratin services  and pricing HERE!

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