5 Major Ways to Reduce Hair Static!

Winter is here and in Minnesota's abrupt cold, it’s appropriate to bring out our cute scarves and classy sweaters.  It’s also the end of the year, which often brings great closure, but also a bit of stress.  “Is your hair standing on end?”

Kasia brings you a solution whether you are fighting those popping grays, fly aways, or that nasty culprit.......hard to control static!! 

“So what’s with the static anyways?”

The fabric on our clothes and the dry heat from our furnace give our hair a positive charge and causes our hair to rise and become fly away.

There are two major steps to rid your locks from static:  reduce friction and increase moisture. It sounds simple, but there is more to it.

long hair

Here are a few tricks for you to get your hair back in control.

Add in Moisture

Use a moisture friendly hair oil, we recommend  our rich oil treatment with Kasia Restore-hair-oil-300x300Restore Oil.  Simply apply it to your mid-strands to ends before styling hair or after. The oil will counter act the positive charge in your hair and calm the strands. Restore adds moisturizers, proteins, vitamins and minerals that combine the help needed for static, a healthy scalp and to promote hair growth.


Frequency of  Washing

Naturally our scalp produces oil, we can use that to our advantage and it’s free! Washing hair everyday strips our hair of the naturally oils and can leave hair feeling dry. Giving your hair a rest in between days helps keep the moisture our scalp produces locked in and often makes it easier to style hair too!


Styling Brush


By just styling your hair - adds static chaos! It is important when styling to use a good quality bristle brush. We recommend using a brush that is mostly boar bristle and fewer nylon bristles. Our professional round brush favorite is from     Spornette.  They help smooth out your style, as well as eliminate static and frizz by evenly distributing moisture from roots to ends.

Dry with an Ionic Blow Dryer!

Quality dryers emit negatively-charged ions that attach themselves to the positively-charged hair for a neutralizing effect. The ionic molecules break down 3100-hair-dryerthe water molecule rather than evaporate it, without stripping your hair of its moisture -- and the less dried out your hair, the less static.

Learn more about THEORIE!  It's an incredible dryer with the bonus of a LIFETIME Warranty!  

When all is lost....resort to a braid.

Take it easy by pulling your mane into a manageable style with as few loose hairs as possible will minimize the static problem. Plus, with a braid tight to your head, you can avoid hat hair.


By: Amber, Kasia Hair Health Specialist

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