EXPRESS MAKEOVER SPECIAL * FREE Makeup Lesson (details inside)

Let's turn the table on your SKIN HEALTH this celebratory time of year!  Give your stomach a break this holiday season and give your skin a nourishing feast!    Get your skin feel ready to take on the holiday season with NO downtime!

At Kasia we use highly active ingredients that promise delivery and results.  We administer medical grade peels that are better for aging skin, as well as more efficient long term.  Stripping the skin quickly and abrasively has consequences.



Schedule an Express Organic Facial and receive a FREE Makeup Lesson! Only $59 ( $40 in SAVINGS!)


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Exfoliate and treat your dry skin "dead zone" and learn the correct colors for your skin tone.


Get Expressed!   

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones.

  • Strengthens, rejuvenates and makes your skin firmer.

  • Counteracts the effects of free radicals.

  • Moisturizes and provides nourishment to your skin.

  • Stimulates cellular activity as well as collagen and elastin production.

  • Balances skin pigmentation and restores skin texture.

  • Repairs the signs of loosening on the cheeks, neck and chin.

  • Restores elasticity of the skin.

Need help deciding? Give our Infused Moisture Facial a try! Medi-Infused Organic Facial for normal, aging, hormonal, or dry skin. Your dermis will be nourished from the many benefits offered and by adding a Hydrating  Mask   to your epidermis to feel rejuvenated.

Learn more HERE about our custom facial care options for you this holiday season.

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