Love is in the Hair! Sexy & Smooth Valentine's Day Keratin Special!

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 Our Valentines Day Keratin Special restores and strengthens hair leaving it shiny, smooth, and best of all, it works with all hair types and textures.

Our healthy hair experts are here to help bridge the gap of that "middle of winter hair blues!"


 To show our love, we are offering the fastest, simplest and most affordable way to have smoother, shinier and healthier hair.  The treatment works great on over processed hair, as it will improve the hair’s overall look and integrity.

Love is in the hair.......   seal in your color creating a more vibrant color and shine like never before. When you layer this treatment, results improve and you add more of the protective protein layer around your hair.

Contact our healthy hair experts today! * Call 612.824.7611

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Expires February 20th Pricing may alter pending on the length of hair, and/or density.


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