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Ok ladies, I just had to post on this subject matter.  The "gluten free," Paleo, SCD, and plethora of other nutritional systems to better your health are flooding the market.  These nutritional transitions can take years to execute.  As you continue on your journey - grab these easy tips to add to your "Informed Beauty" list.

Note:  For people with overt Celiac disease and/or those who have been recently diagnosed or who are exquisitely sensitive, it is not recommend that they have liquor that has been made with wheat, barley or rye. There have actually been no studies to confirm or deny that people with Celiac can safely consume these alcohols. The Celiac Sprue Association also maintains this position.

For people in this category, it is best to stick to potato-based vodkas (listed them below), rum, tequila, wine, gluten-free beer, mead, hard cider, champagne and brandy.


I have highlighted the best, safest boozes for those people.

Vodkas (Smirnoff, Tito’s, Blue Ice, Ciroc, Chopan)






Gluten-Free Beer


Hard Cider











diet- skin

Foods and Substances Containing Gluten


Grains to Avoid

-Wheat (including wheat germ, wheat bran and sprouted wheat)

-Rye (including sprouted rye, rye crackers, etc)

-Barley (including sprouted barley and barley malt)




-Cous Cous







Foods Containing Gluten – to be avoided, always read labels!


-Crackers, Pretzels

-Soy sauce – check the label, is often made with wheat

-Beer (unless it says gluten-free; many microbreweries now offer gluten-free selections)


-Malt vinegar


- Bread, Breading, Breading mixes, Baked goods

-Seitan (this is straight up gluten)

-Communion Wafers

-Crab Cakes

-Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

-Texturized Vegetable Protein

-Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

-Marinades – read label!

-Processed Meats – read label!

-Rice Dream (contains barley)


-Soup Bases/Broths/Bullion – read label

-Imitation meats and “soy burgers”  - read label

Foods that are safe (do not contain gluten)

Gluten-free grains



-Wild Rice







-Buckwheat (yes, despite the name!)

-Oats – see note below

Gluten-free foods





-Nuts/Nut flours/Nut butters

-Coconut/Coconut flour/Coconut butter/Coconut milk






-Dairy Products (check label, however, on yogurts and cheese and ice cream)

A note about Oats: oats contain a protein called avenin. In the vast majority of studies, oats are well tolerated in people with Celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Up to 98% of people with Celiac disease can consume oats without worry. However, there can be issues of cross-contamination at storage sites. If oats are stored in a silo that housed wheat, there is a chance some gluten residue is present in the oats. The solution to this is to seek out oats that are labeled “gluten free” and only consume those.

Reading Labels: Perhaps the most crucial aspect to successful gluten elimination is that you become an expert in reading labels. Remember that you want to remain gluten free, and not just wheat free. If you are in doubt about a product, write to the company online. Don’t forget to ask about prescription medications, and read the labels to over-the-counter drugs carefully, too. Always shop the gluten-free “GF” labels.

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