How to Wear the Color of the Year: Orchid! (hair and makeup tips inside)


Move over Barney, there's a new purple in town!

The Pantone Color of the Year is called “Radiant Orchid”—a powerful purple tone that lives somewhere between cold, blue tones and warm, red nuances.  Somewhat Fucia but heartier than lavender; less alarming than grape; and too gutsy to be barbie pink.

Start early because you're about to see it everywhere…in fashion, cosmetics, hair color, home décor, even wedding palettes.

Purple is growing on me, and I can name a few clients that obsessively ADORE!  Moderation is a good thing.  I wouldn’t buy it in a car, but I could be persuaded to  a great spring clutch or a ballet flat, or scarf.

Hair Color? Well, if you ask.  The "Best Of" this high-maintenance shade:

Radiant Orchid clothing looks best on a deep redhead; a dark, cool brunette; or a very pale, icy-blonde.   Those that want to color their hair purple— well, that's not for the faint at heart.

More than anything, you will see these tones ALL OVER the cosmetics counters. This is  the best, easiest way to let some of this radiance into your life.

Here’s our top La Bella Mineral Makeup choices to check out at Kasia:

Duo-Lip Crayons  Duo_Lip_Crayon_Main The natural antioxidants duo-ended crayons are richly pigmented and designed to line, define and enhance your pout.  A high level of precision, as well as smoothcoverage.  The soft, rich colour pay-off makes this formulation a favorite used among makeup artists.

 VentiAniVenti Ann Eye Quad “Star” is the lightest shade of sparkle which can be used as a highlighter below the brow; in the inner creases of the eye and on the lid. Use the depth of “Twilight””in the crease and in the outer corners of the eye. “Night””is a perfect splash of black to create any smoky eye. Use it wet for a liquid eye- liner. A light dusting of “Sweet Dawn””on the cheeks which can also be used as a pop of colour on the eyes.

Mineral Light Lip Colour Highest level of mineral pigment for color on the market, followed by Ceramide 2, which is designed to keep lips smooth and protected from the sun’s damaging UV pinksandrays.  Add a little vitamin C and enjoy the finish of rich, creamy with a satiny texture and lush shine.



Get Natural Coverage:   Contains no petrolatum, free of preservatives,  dyes or lanolin derivatives.  Dermatologically approved.

I am going to ease in with a few orchid splashes throughout my home and I just may try some plum-up nail polish on my toes as sandal season closes in. Ughhhhh.....Sounds good right about now, doesn’t it?


Contact the Kasia Team today to PLAY with new colors of inspiration for 2014. Here are few favorite captured  PINS!   Until next time....xo



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