Awesome Last Minute Spring Break Specials! (details inside)


It's been a long winter in MN.... and we celebrate that so many of our guests are booking a plane ticket and going on SPRING BREAK!

Pack your tank top and swim suite - but don't worry beaute' - - we've got your covered  -- Or UN-covered!  

Check out our awesome last minute waxing specials to prepare you for your Spring Break  getaway (or just to get away from the kiddos)!  There's no need to show up to the beach looking like a German native who hasn't shaved her legs or arm-pits for the year. Nasty.....




Enjoy our Spring Inspired Specials - and don't forget to add a Keratin Express Hair Treatment  or Oxygen Facial when you bless us with your presence!

All discounts are valid through March. Availability for skin services: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday


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