Enzyme Developer: Upgrade your hair color from hydrogen peroxide!

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Stemming in nature, rooted in science

Your hair color just got upgraded.

Nature’s solution to harsh peroxide-based color services of yester - year. 


The Divorce:

We’ve cut bait. Our team now combines our incredible Zero Ammonia/PPD/Recorcinal and MEA color with Enzyme developers, rather than Hydrogen Peroxide due to the potential damaging effects for vulnerable hair and scalp health.


Hair color is made up of two components: color and developer. The developer contains hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to modify the molecular structure of the hair shaft, allowing large color molecules to penetrate while phenylenediamine (PPD) allows the color to bond with the hair. It is now known that some permanent hair dyes may also contain coal tar, a potentially detrimental petrochemical, and toxic metals such as lead or mercury as developers.

Researchers at The University of California discovered that individuals coloring their hair with permanent dyes once a month for a year or more have twice the risk of developing bladder cancer. Hairdressers or barbers in contact with hair dyes had five times the risk.  We are against fear mongering, but we fully are dedicated to knowledge and better choices. 

What’s Next: Our New Love!

We’ve seen incredible results with our recent switch. Enzyme developers are naturally formed proteins that neutralize the hair and leave it in superior condition. Continued use of this product, combined with our naturally zero ammonia color and home care products, will restore your hair to its original shine and luster.

You probably have a lot of questions: What is it? What does it do? Well, up until now, your traditional developer used hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide swells the cuticles of the hair until it bursts leaving visible and unwanted hair damage.

Enzyme Results:


  •  Natural

  • Ammonia Free

  •  Complete Color

  •  No Peroxide

  •  All natural Plant Enzymes

  • PH Balancing

Enzyme developer can do everything peroxide developers can do, plus more!

Here are the friends-with-benefits that lead to our split:

  •  Enzymes are a safer and more controlled way of inserting the dye into the hair shaft

  •  Instead of creating the damage in depositing and or lifting color, your hair is left healthy, shiny and silky

  •  Safe and mild for overall scalp health

  •  Color will be brighter and rich to it’s true tone. NO OXIDATION = NO FADING!

  •  Takes less time

  • Allergy Friendly

Why doesn’t every salon divorce hydrogen peroxide?

It’s all about the money, honey! Our ethos is to keep you and your follicles healthy. That’s how we get real results. Yes, this does raise our overall costs for color a smidge, but aligned with our mission and big picture view of health and beauty - it’s worth it!  We hope you see it this way, too.

All color pricing will increase by $3.  Please speak with your stylist with any questions or concerns.  

If you prefer to use hydrogen peroxide, please let your stylist know and we will revert back to old systems for your needs.  

Contact us today!  612.824.7611

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