Hottest Male Haircut Trends NOW! (hint * hint: forward your bestie male this blog post)

Pull out the pomade and give your man a hint!  Men are now looking to be groomed.  Our team thoroughly enjoys our hunky male clientele....and what we really enjoy is that they too want to invest in quality service and quality natural products just like our many "Informed Beautes.'"

In loo of Father's Day, we thought we would share some of the hottest and latest trends for men right now.  

Disclaimer: "Yes, I have had a crush on Justin Timberlake since the Mickey Mouse days...." 

Male Hair cut

The Pompadour: The Easiest way to describe a Pompadour is a clean fade on the sides up to the parietal ridge with a disconnected top. There are many variations of this Cut and Style so I would suggest googling it and looking through the images.


Fashionmeans mens cut

The Quiff: A very classic 1950’s look. This Haircut is similar to the Pompadour, but is a more clean cut style with less disconnection on the sides and  top. This haircut looks great on a more professional/conservative male.


Daring Detail: The most daring look as we move into a hot summer season is a shaved in part. This is a quick and easy detail added to make it easier to find their unique part. This also gives their haircut more definition.


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Key 2014 Hairstyle For Men: The Modern Pompadour | FashionBeans

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