Get a Healthy Glow (minus) the Damaging Effects of UV Rays

 Get a healthy glow and be pro-active youthful skin -  all without the damaging effects of UV rays.

It’s hard to resist the season's bright call of a sun-kissed summer glow. But it’s also hard to achieve it, well, without the sun.  

Our hottest item is our Honey-Dip Natural Tanner in which makes it possible and easy to bronze year-round. Here are some of my own personal tips for application of our Honey-DIp Anti-aging Sunless dream cream.  


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A true glow-getter, Honey-Dip offers both the perfect sun-kissed glow and anti-aging benefits in one convenient bottle. Delivering intense hydration and nutrient support for youthful and clear skin, this healthy alternative to typical self-tanners is chemical free and infused with organic ingredients, pure botanicals and naturally derived DHA for a decadently radiant complexion.

Easy Sunless tanning tips

The market is flooded with great sunless tanning products. Their benefits are plenty: no sunburns, no sun damage, and no premature aging!





First off, Exfoliate

For the best results, it's important to first prepare your skin before applying your tanning product. A quality sugar scrub to exfoliate with will go a long way. Once a week is a good add-in to your routine, whether you are tanning or not. 

The right formula and tone

Sunless tanning products come in a many different varieties as well as skin color shades. Our age-defying lotion dries and develops with a great natural tone that never turns "orange."


Secret Ingredient: 10% DHA (Dihydroxyacetone): Because our DHA is naturally derived from beet sugar, it has none of the carcinogenic or toxic effects associated with synthetic DHA. Plus, the generous 10% dosage means you get the same gorgeous, flawless tan whether you mix Honey-Dip with your favorite moisturizer or apply on its own.

Smear with no fear

The best way to apply the cream is to put a small amount on your palm and work from the feet up. Shift from the left to the right side as you are working your way up. The back can be tricky if your hands are not super extended; the easiest solution is to ask someone for help.  YES, you can use our formula on the face!

Try to go easy on the elbows and knees. You won't want to reapply the self-tanner here as much; the skin is thicker on these areas and the tan might end up looking a lot darker than the rest of your body.  Remember to wash your hands!

Take your time drying

Nowadays, most self-tanning products don't leave any stains on your clothes, but you may not want to take the chance.  

Our lotion is NOT known to leave stains.  Still, give it at least a few minutes before putting your clothes on to make sure the cream has dried properly. I prefer to put mine on in the morning after I shower and exfoliate.

Make your color last

Of course this varies from product to product, but normally a sunless tan should last for at least 3-4 days. For the best and longest-lasting results, a good idea is to reapply every other or third day.

Remember, most sunless tanning creams do not contain sun protection. So if you are heading out into the sun, make sure to use some sunscreen too.




Learn more about our beloved Age-defying Honey-Dip Sunless Tanner!  



  • Gradually builds a healthy, gorgeous glow
  • Formulated with nourishing ingredients that reverse signs of aging and reduce inflammation
  • Infused with organic vitamins, botanicals and antioxidants that cultivate youthful skin
  • Light consistency absorbs quickly with no streaking, staining or unpleasant orange effect
  • Lovely, fresh coconut aroma

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