LOVE your Skin! (Fun facts and what you should know inside)

Skin_Care Facts


Skin_Care Facts

1) The skin is the body’s largest organ. The average adult has around twenty square feet of skin with each square inch containing 19,000,000 skin cells and nearly 300 sweat glands.

2) Our skin is made up of three layers: the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous (from outer to innermost).

3) The total skin on our body accounts for 15% of our body weight.

4) On a blisteringly hot day, our skin can produce up to three gallons of sweat!

5) Every minute, your skin loses 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells (it’s okay because we are constantly reproducing more!).

6) The thinnest skin is on your eyelids (0.02mm thick).

7) Your feet contain the thickest skin (1.4mm deep).

8) Over 50% of the dust found in your home is dead skin.

9) Sweat is actually odorless, bacteria is what produces body odor.

10) Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin its color.

11) 1-110,000 people have albinism, which is a lack of melanocytes (skin cell that produces melanin).

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